Scorsese's Best Decade


Which Decade Is Scorsese's Best?
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1960's Who's that knocking at my door
3 votes
1970's Boxcar Bertha, Mean Streets, Alice doesn't live here anymore, Taxi Driver, NY NY, Last Waltz
6 votes
1980's Raging Bull, King of Comedy, After Hours, Color of Money, Last Temptation)
4 votes
1990's Goodfellas, Cape Fear, Age of Innocence, Casino, Kundun, Bringing out the Dead)
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2000's Gangs of NY, Aviator, Departed, Shine a Light)
1 votes
2010's Shutter Island, Hugo, Wolf of Wall Street, Silence, Irishman)
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2020's Killers of the Flower Moon)
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Which decade would you consider his best output?
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Suspect's Reviews

Personally, I would pick the 2010s as his best decade. For me, Hugo and Wolf of Wall Street are both 9/10 and Silence and The Irishman are both 10/10. And Shutter Island is good too, an 8/10.

The 80s I guess? But he's a (moderate) hit or (hard) miss anyway.
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Marty had had his share of misses, thatís for sure. Mean Streets was ok, but New York,New York, The Last Waltz, The Ming of Comedy, and Cape Fear were disappointing.