Dawn of the Dead

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if you haven't seen this movie yet (sneak preview) be sure to go see it when it comes out. I went and saw it last night and let me tell you it was worth it. it does have a few porblems with the editing of it but as long as you can keep up you'll understand it for the most part.

i wish they went a lil more in to detail about what was happing, but other then thatit was kinda good.

the film had some funny parts and a few horror but nothing really gury lil kids could watch it and not get scared.

If you've seen the orginal as far as ive been told they had most of the original movie stuff in it.

If you liked "night of the living dead" you may like this one.

**Hint** dont leave untill the credits are over cause the ending is played through the credits. Alot of people left and missed the ending.

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i had a screening


can i say WOW , I am not a fan of horror films or zombie movies. i thought 28 days later was boring and terrible. DAWN OF THE DEAD, is surprsingly a fun horror flick, that has action and a simple but still a heart pounding horror movie. I consider this a ACTUAL 2004 horror movie. i thought this film had that feeling where you get to enjoy watching each individual charcter.
The movie has very funny moments with the horror involved. Its pure suspense from the begginng straight till the end of the credits.
Remember to WATCH THE CREDITs. im going to see this again. i enjoyed it very much. Way cooler and thrilling then resident evil and 28 days later combined.

RATING 9.2/ 10

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I saw this movie earlier today.

I enjoyed it. I haven't seen the original yet, although I bought it on my way home, so maybe I'll feel differently about the new one after watching it. I thought the movie was well done. The actors weren't annoying, which was a nice change from some of the teeny-boppers they have had acting in recent horror flicks.

There were moments that shocked me, moments that made me kinda sad, and overall I recommend it to any horror movie fan.

A novel adaptation.
I was surprised at how casually they shirked the social commentary from the original film, and all the inherent moral ambiguities that came along with that particular brand of zombie....
But an entertaining picture nonetheless.
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Okay, I am not really a fan of the original, I mean it was good and all, but I just didn't really find myself getting involved in the story too much. The new one makes me like the original better. It's not a bad movie, but at the same time, for everything I liked about it, the flashes of black humor, the cameo by Tom Savini (the creator of the first film's gruesome effects, and the man who played "Sex Machine" in the best B-Horror picture in decades, From Dusk Till Dawn!) the choice of Johnny Cash's truly apocalyptic "The Man Comes Around" for the opening titles (That song gave me chills when I heard it BEFORE this. It made me really excited to see this film, but then the movie didn't really live up to it.), there were so many lost opportunities, so many things that a true B-Movie maker would not have let slide...(I won't mention the one major thing that I thought they dropped the ball on out of respect for those who have not seen this yet, but I was hoping the film makers were sick enough bastards to run with it...) Yeah, I totally missed the satire, and I missed that hilariously over the top exploding head effect from the first one too!

I wanna watch Dead/Alive again......
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Im sorry but i hated dawn of the dead. I seroisly felt I was being ripped off for my ticket. I was hoping throughout the movie I would find out why people were dying, and coming back alive. Dont get me wrong, I normaly like gory movies and dawn of the dead had plenty of it. But it seemed like it had no plot. Basicly to me it was millions of people just turning into zombies. They had no serious goal throughout the movie. At first it was alright, but then after about an hour it just seemed like gore was the plot of it. I totaly respect your opinons in all, but I thought it was a big waste of time. But I am glad more serious actors are getting the roles as the characters. It was like a 3 year period of stupid pop stars playing as characters that suck at acting.

It effectively removed everything that made the original great. It was entertaining, I suppose, and some rather clever muzak moments. However, I'm already sick of fast-moving zombies. They don't have quite the same horrifying aspect that the lurching ones had.

Maybe **1/2 / **** if I'm being really generous.
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Hmm...I liked it more than you guys. It did leave out the Satire of American Consumption that made the first one more than a standard zombie movie, and yeah, they move awfully fast for being dead with little brain power, but it was a lot better than Taking Lives and other so-called serious films tha have been released recently.

It's not a serious movie, and the original never explained why either. The movie assumes that you've seen the lame reasoning in Night of the Living Dead and goes from there.

In my opinion, it is a pretty good popcorn flick that won't stimulate the intellectual part of you as much as the, "I like big bangs" part.
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Maybe your not supposed to find out how they turned into zombies. Maybe because the people in the movie didn't find out. Or maybe because they're going to make another movie about the same thing.
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there will probaly be 10 sequals

Originally Posted by kaufman_fan
there will probaly be 10 sequals
If the filmakers are smart, this won't happen, mainly because it's a trilogy, not a. . .something-iligy.

I saw this yesterday *opening day* with my sister, and it wasn't scary, more like a "fun" thriller rather than horror. But that being said, I really liked the movie.
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I was thinking about seeing it this weekend... but it's a remake of one of my all-time favorite horror/zombie movies. Anyway, I'll probably see it next weekend if I hear good things.

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If you didn't like it just lighten up. It was fantastically entertaining. I personally was so incredibly drawn in that when I left the theater it felt weird driving down the street because I was expecting everything to be destroyed. But then again...I got exactly what I was expecting - a non-sensical romp w/ zombies in it. If you expected more and were upset at a shortended delivery, then it is your own fault you didn't like it.
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I saw it yesterday, very good movie. Of course it's not as good as the original, but it was a pretty good updated version of it. But I'm pissed off because I was one of the many that didn't stick around for the credits! What happened??? Did I miss anything? Damnit!
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Originally Posted by Theater Rat
Did I miss anything? Damnit!
The ending.

WARNING: "Dawn of the Dead" spoilers below
Actually, you see the fate of the survivors.

I think the movie was very well put together. The opening credits were really good. The editing was pretty good. There wasnt any mistakes i could point out, and so on. But for me, if the movie dosnt have a good plot, then it is pointless. Basicly it was seeing how long the people could survive. But the movie was really good quality. I am not as into horror movies as i am comedy. I used to be into it but it just all seems the same to me.

I saw a part in the newspaper about this movie and it looked gross. This guy was all painted up to look dead and it was frighten!Since I get scared easly I dont plan to watch this movie I hate horror movies anyway!
But for all your fans out there let me know how the movie was!Thanks!See you around!JM
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