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Title? Young Girl befriends fugitive. He escapes as earth closes road


80-90's release, plays off same era. Young girl befriends fugitive hiding out in old trailer in maybe Florida Everglades woods. She always sits in tree talking to him and she hangs like cans in the tree. There's something about a comb. He has to leave as law finds him. Magically she lets the water level rise and tells him to drive away and don't look in the rearview mirror. As he drives away on stretch of road and doesn't look back the road is overtaken as the ground and the trees rises like a wave behind his vehicle as he escapes.
I will be forever greatfull whomever can help me with this title.

Oh my Goodness. How can I thank you!! You were super quick and thank you for the reply. I have asked all except 5 people here in South-Africa lol and they had no idea.