WWII B&W prison electrified fence


I'm trying to find a movie that I saw in the late 1960's. It was at the local drive-in and I had fallen asleep after watching the kid's movie(I was a kid). They had the grown-up movie(s) next.

I remember waking up and seeing two scenes. I'm not sure if they were right after each other or different parts of the movie - or possibly two movies.

The first scene was 3-5 German officers standing in an office. I'm thinking they were speaking in German with the subtitles shown. I thought they were wearing gray greatcoats.

The second scene was during a prisoner escape. I'm guessing they were POWs if it was a WW2 movie. There was 1 or 2 prisoners kneeling next to a wire fence at night trying to escape. When one put his hands towards the wire, electric bolts flashed to his hands, killing him. I could tell it was the fake drawn sparks they would use to show electrocution.

I've done some searching of electrified fences at prisons (to eliminate US prison movies), and electric fences were used at Auschwitz (and possibly other concentration camps). It might be a holocaust/concentration camp movie.

I think it was B&W, but the German officers didn't have colorful uniforms and the escape scene was at night, so it could have been in color.

It's not:
The Great Escape
Bridge On The River Kwai
Diary of Anne Frank

It's not:
Stalag 17
Von Ryan's Express
The McKenzie Break

Movies that I can't find a copy online that might fit:
The Wooden Horse
Army of Shadows