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R.I.P. Valerie Harper


There was Alice and Trixie. There was Lucy and Ethel.

And there was Mary and Rhoda.

Valerie Harper played the best friend of Mary Tyler Moore in the eponymous sitcom.

Both sassy and self deprecating, Rhoda Morganstern was at first the insecure, blowsy second banana; who blossomed into a loyal, generous hearted friend- and after a calorie cutters transformation - a beautiful woman.

For me, the show was less about women entering the workplace than about the joy of friendship. And the warm, wise cracking and unaffected character of Rhoda is forever remembered by all who cherished the show.

She was also a dancer, star of her own sitcom, and movie actress, but when I remember Valerie; , I still think of Rhoda and Mary. The gift to the audience from Valerie and Mary was making us feel like we were their friends too- may they be meeting in that great beyond right now.

Rest in peace - and friendship.

Awwwwwwww, loved Rhoda

Requiescat in pace Valerie

I recently watched every episode of Mary Tyler Moore and loved them all. But by far the best shows were the ones with Rhonda in it. My favorite times was when Rhonda hung out in Mary's pad and they just talked about life. I liked Valerie Harper so much as Rhoda that I watched all the episodes of the TV show Rhoda. To my surprised I found that show was special in it's own way.

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I loved her in both "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Rhoda". I also liked her in her later show "Valerie" (aka "Valerie's Family").

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She announced her terminal illness when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars a couple of years ago so I'm not totally surprised, but I am totally bummed...Harper brightened up many an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and even though I was skeptical when I heard they were going to spin Rhoda off into her own show, she made that work. Very funny lady...RIP.