What was Stanley Kramer's best film?


He made a lot of great films, but I'd have to say that It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World would be his masterpiece.

Inherit the Wind is pretty good, as is Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

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I haven't seen a Mad World, but for me his two best movies are 2001 and A Clockwork Orange...

But then again, all of his films are great!
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Mmmm.. Confused MovieFoprums Addict, Clockwork Orange & 2001 are directed by Stanley Kubrick. Were talking Stanley Kramer Producer/Director, some of his great works are:

Directing Favourites.

Guess Whos Coming To Dinner (1967)
Judgment At Nuremberg (1961)
InHerit The Wind (1960)
The Defiant Ones (1958)
On The Beach (1959)
The Men (1950)

Producing Favourites.

The Caine Mutiny (1954)
The Wild One (1954)
Cyrano De Bergeac (1950)

I think my favourite directorial effort is The Men with Brando & my favourite film Kramer produced is The Caine Mutiny with Bogart.

Excellent topic Rodney, truly a loss to the movie world.
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Oops I just realised my mistake!! I guess I just read the "Stanley" part and interpreted the rest as being what I wanted to hear!

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