Podcast about MoFo on Community Signal


Did a podcast last week with Patrick O'Keefe, who learned web development at the same time (and on the same site!) I did when I was growing up:

We talk about the user moderation tools here on MoFo, the big redesign, the idea of digital heirlooms, what makes people want to start and join communities, and what it might be like to run a forum for 30 years.

I read this yesterday on Twitter. I really enjoyed the the quote you gave “The best [form of] moderation is one that slowly creates a culture where people don’t want to break the rules. Because if they do, you’ve already lost.” It reminded me of when I used to run phone rooms. After a short while my crew would be proud of the legitimacy of their work, and quick to point out any irregularities.

You better hope I don't make it back.
Thanks for sharing, Chris and, again, for coming on. It was great to spend some time chatting after all these years.
Patrick O'Keefe