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Secret agent movie from the 80s help please !



I can not remember the title of an action movie from my childhood.

The star in the movie uses secret weapons like in 007: a chewing gum that in contact with steel burns and melts it, and also a laser cigarette.
The end of movie shows a team of bad guys in a control room preparing to launch a missile against a city. But the good guy climbs to the missile and puts his chewing gum on both hydraulic struts of the missile platform. The gum burns and the struts start leaking oil and the platform falls slowly pointing directly to the windows in the control room.
The main bad guy is seen shocked as the missile points at him because the room is sealed and no one can get out.
Although the bad guys try to open their way out through the steel door with an acetylene pistol, they can not do it on time and the movie ends with a big explosion when the missile fires against them.

Anyone remember it?
Thanks in advance

Proud to be one of the 10%
could you give any more details? absolutely anything helps no matter how small or trivial you think the detail is. Was this movie a comedy or a serious one? did it seem american or english or something else? are you absolutely certain it's an 80's flick or if you watched it on tv could it have been from a different decade? any other prominent characters that you can remember? ones that had quirks of some kind to make you remember them? like how there was jaws in a couple of james bond movies.

Hi, yes I have more tips in my mind:

-It was an american movie.
-I watched it in middle eighties and it was not new. So probably last seventies or even eighties.
-It was not a comedy.
-The last scene is set in the desert. probably Arizona. with a rocket and a control room.
-The control room is a circular building, one storey with large panoramic windows to see the launch pad which is only a few meters away from the room.
-The rocket, when horizontal, pointed toward the glassing of the control room. It raised in place by two hydraulic struts.
-The secret agent claims to the struts and, when he puts his chewing gum secret weapon, this burns with a lot of fire.
- Plenty of black fluid is seen coming out.
-There is a great scene when you see the face of the bad guy which is shocked because the rocket points to him inside the control room.
- At the very end the acetylene team manage to open the steel timed locked door of the room, but it is too late.
-The rocket was meant to go towards a city, don't know what type of war head.

-The last scene is with the super agent walking down a hill and a fireball rising on the background.

-I am not sure if it was this movie but I think there was also a fake cigarette that worked as a laser. i dont know.

hope this helps :-)


Thanks for the help but it is not that movie.
Although it is very difficult to find on youtube to know what is really about (everything are short clip) the missile scene is not the same.