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no one has yet reviewed this movie...don't leave it up to little ole me ...i simply will not be able to do it justice (Yoda, Holden, Silver - this mean you!!!)

i thought this movie was genius...1/2 of the movie has no dialogue which only adds to its brilliance...a gripping movie about the plight of one man, a Jew during find yourself sitting back watching in sadness wandering what else a single human being can watch and live through without going insane

it may sound like its been done before, but there's something very special about this one - IMO much to do with with Adrien Brody's portrayal of the character's immense pride and quiet perseverance in the face of such horrors

Adrien Brody has a well deserved Oscar

from imdb

Summary: Polanski's most personal film

Roman Polanski's most personal film, and his best since Rosemary's Baby and Chinatown. Adapted from Wladyslaw Szpilman's memoirs, the movie shows us the start of Szpilman's career as a talented pianist, his life in a ghetto, and his life in war-torn Warsaw after his family is taken to Treblinka. First half is wrenching, moving, and strong. Unfortunately, the second half is less riveting, bogging down at times. Long, but not overlong, and powerfully directed by Polanski, whose mother was killed in the hands of Nazis. Adrien Brody is amazing in the title role.
i don't agree with what is said here about the second half of the movie...they're the parts i liked best

a very touching and thought provoking movie, especially in the times we are living now...the few piano scenes are beautifully played out and wonderfully filmed

a must see movie...i give it 9/10 - i would very much like to read your thoughts on this one
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I liked it very much. Goodnight.
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4 out of 4. This is a flat out masterpiece. Go see this film.
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was this film based on a book?

i was watching it last nite with my brother, and i know i havent seen it before, but it is strangely very familiar...

i remember a listening to a teacher reading excerpts of a the story set in warsaw, and i can distinctly remember scenes that are in the movie, like when szpielman hides in a wooden box, escaping nazi soldiers.

i guess that was probably about 10 years ago now (late primary school). if anyone knows the title and author of the book, i would be interested to know.

also, i havent really read any reviews on the film, but how do you all feel about it?


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Yes it was based on the memoirs written by Wladyslaw Szpilman.
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Yes, it is based on a book, written by the real Wladyslaw Szpilman who managed to survive the Ghetto and resumed his musical career after the war. The memoir's full title is The Pianist: the Extraordinary True Story of One Man's Survival in Warsaw, 1939-1945. It was first published in Poland in 1946 (under the title Death of a City), and republished in English to much acclaim in 1999.

Szpilman died in July of 2000.
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thanks very much.

i think i might go and read it. anyone else read it?

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Originally Posted by csido
thanks very much.

i think i might go and read it. anyone else read it?
no but i absolutely loved the film and because i was never interested in history at school i didnt know much about the holocast and stuff like that so when i saw this film the violence and hatred the germans had against the polish shocked me so much....but the film i think is just so powerful.
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This film was a masterpiece and I, too, am afraid to review it because I'm afraid I wouldn't do it justice either. A haunting and powerful film that won Adrien Brody and Roman Polanski richly deserved Oscars.

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Thinking about watching this movie, however a few questions...

1-is it a good movie?what is your opinion on it?
2-the pianist vs schindlers list?
3-I've heard schindlers list is uncormfatable to watch, is the pianist comfortable to watch?
4-do you recommend this movie?


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1-is it a good movie?what is your opinion on it?
2-the pianist vs schindlers list?
3-I've heard schindlers list is uncormfatable to watch, is the pianist comfortable to watch?
4-do you recommend this movie?
1. It's a very good film.
2. Both are good films and well worth watching. See them both and compare for yourself.
3. Of course it's not comfortable to watch, it's about the holocaust. I think if you found a film about the holocaust that was comfortable to watch it would fail as a film.
4. Yes.

You said it yourself...I know I didn't write a review of the film because I don't think I could do it justice, the same reason I haven't written one for Pulp Fiction. I also believe to write a proper review of The Pianist, I would need to watch it again, it's been awhile.

One of my favorite, such a touching movie and Adrian is amazing in it.