8 Mile

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Eminem's highly anticipated film debut was far from a perfect movie, but unquestionably it was entertaining, captivating, and miles better than the myriad of other recent pop to film transitions we've seen (Crossroads, Walk to Remember, ect.) or probably not seen, sadly I have.
First the good things: Curtis Hanson, of course, gave this movie a great urban atmosphere, dark and gritty, like the movies main character, Rabbit. The movie touches on some really good moments of drama -- Rabbit's relationship with his mother, his struggles with the rap business, and the shame he feels from living in poverty. The scenes with Eminem at the trailer park are solid, but the real strength of this movie is the battle rapping that takes place. The culminating scene at the end of the film is utterly captivating and brilliant. We get character and theme development from Eminem battle rapping in the last scene, which is innovative and amazing.
As an actor, Eminem was pretty good. To his credit he did an adequete job carrying the film and without question had moments of strong screen presence. Although, it's hard to judge anything considering he was basically playing himself in the film, there is little to be desired from his performance. I did read some reviews that mentioned an oscar nomination for Eminem, but I don't really agree. It was very very good, but not amazingly great.
Criticism: I don't feel like the movie finished a lot of what it started. It tried to encompass a lot of different themes, which is hard to do, but it did a good job of developing them, but just didn't do a good job of wrapping stuff up. We are left without satisfactory conclusion of themes, with his mother and his love interest (Brittany Murphy). There seemed to be underdeveloped themes that could of been brought out with Future (Mekhi Pheifer) and with Brittany Murphy. I also thought that Rabbit was too dark of a character, of course he's suppose to be, but I feel that they tried to emphasize this idea too much. A lot more could of been done to lighten him up more, more human touches like when he sings to his little sister. Also, although his friends adequetly served as entertainment, the "dumb" friend that gets them into a lot of trouble was a bit too outlandish and at times didn't seem to fit into a movie that was trying to portray such realistic settings.
Overall, I thought that 8Mile was an extremely entertaining film. It was humorous, dramatic, and it down right captured you at times. I also feel that although there is a lot of rapping, almost anyone would still enjoy the film becuase the rapping is done with purpose. It not only moves the plot, but it develops character and brilliantly emphasizes the themes.

SCORE: 8/10

Good movie, go see it....

Im really kind of torn with this movie.
Part of me thought it was just an ok music based movie.
Another part of me thought it was a great acting start for Eminem.

Im not really a fan of his music but I always like to see multitalented entertainers.

Im new to these boards and I would really like to know what you guys think.

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you can see what we all thought in this thread

as for "multitalented" and "entertainer" ...i personally wouldn't use those words to describe Marshall!!!!
"So you take me for what I am...a psychopathic, schizophrenic, serial-killing, femme fatale?"

i don't like eminem hardcore killer rapper music but his movie was good but needed to have his music based on albums but otherwise it was ok not what i thought of though

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eminem is okay.
brittany murphy did a great job on 8 mile tho . its sad that she died years ago , she was my childhood favorite actress
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