Magnolia vs. Boogie Nights

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Which P.T. Anderson film did you like more, Magnolia or Boogie Nights? I thought they were both great and Boogie Nights might have the edge on entertainment value, Magnolia was much more deeper and philosphical.
I'd say Magnolia is the better film.
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I like Boogie Nights better, but like them both tremendously.
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I would have to say Magnolia. It had a more powerful impact on me than Boogie Nights, which I too like very, very much.

Have you seen Sydney (or Hard Eight as it was called first)? It's good too.
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as much as i liked boogie nights also magnolia was much deeper and it made me think and everytime i watch it i discover something new that i havent thought about before

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Although I loved both of these films, I have to say Magnolia. Both films where definately 4 stars, but I did enjoy watching Magnolia more, I thought it was better made than Boogie Nights.

I have to say that Boogie Nights is a very close 2nd to Magnolia, but Magnolia wins out. It was more stimulating to me. It is also a movie that I would tend to watch numerous times to catch everything. Boogie nights, although a very good movie, does not quite compare
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Magnolia - complexity of the themes and imagery stimulates extensive rumination of the movie at both a conscious and subconscious level. The experience extends more durably beyond the theater. Artistry of direction is more evident, not obscured by and does not obscure the storyline. Aimee Mann soundtrack among the best of modern times. As a whole, it makes a palpable impact on the viewer.

And I like frogs.



01. Magnolia (1999) ****
02. Punch-Drunk Love (2002) ****
03. Boogie Nights (1997) ****
04. Sydney (1996) *** ½

Magnolia had the greatest impact upon me as a filmmaker. There was one point, late last year, where I was watching the whole three one a day, for maybe three or four days. It really changed the way I approached writing more than anything else. It made me feel much more relaxed about writing straight from the gut.

I understand how people can feel that Anderson is a pretentious filmmaker, because his films are all very much a personal, self-interested extension of himself. But I see no problem with that personally, I think it's a good thing. As with Tarantino, I think that the further Anderson gets away from his sources, the better he will become. Punch-Drunk Love was the film that, thus far, came most from Anderson the person as opposed to Anderson the film geek [despite the obvious Tati influence], and I feel it was a step in the right direction for him.

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Both are absolutely fantastic but I prefer Magnolia personally. Paul T. Anderson is easily my favorite director working today,I really want to see what else he has in store. He manages to make extremely entertaining,human and personal films all with incredible style.Style and substance.

Some parts of Boogie Nights felt a little disjointed, and overall I like Magnolia more.

Magnolia has some of the most memorable scenes I've ever scene.

Magnolia, for the opening and closing sequences alone.

Finished here. It's been fun.
I've seen only 4(Magnolia,Boogie Nights,TWBB,Punch-Drunk Love) but I think they are all great films, I plan to see The Master(which i heard is phenomenal) and Eight-Ball soon.

I've seen only 4(Magnolia,Boogie Nights,TWBB,Punch-Drunk Love) but I think they are all great films, I plan to see The Master(which i heard is phenomenal) and Eight-Ball soon.
I hope you like The Master it's my fav of the decade so far, Joaquin Pheonix was robbed of the oscar last year imo. Hard Eight is good but you can tell that it was an experimental first try for PTA imo, he was only 24 or something at the time though so it's certainly impressive in it's own way.

My raking of PTA films:

1 - There Will Be Blood
2 - Magnolia
3 - Boogie Nights
4 - The Master

All are 80/100 or better though.
You should try Punch Drunk Love, Guap, it's not fantastic but it's a fun little film and even though Sandler plays the same sort of character he does in alot of other films, you can tell under the right direction he's tolerable

1.There Will Be Blood
2.The Master
4.Punch Drunk Love
5.Hard Eight,Boogie Nights

Even though he's only made 6 so far i've got to say with my limited knowledge of film he's my second favourite director after Scorcese.