Current Top Five Favorite Actors


Im pretty interested to see what kind of responses we are goign to get with this one.
Anyways, here are my top 5 personal favorite actors.
Now it should be said, this isnt an all-time list, more like a contemprary hot list. Also I'll list my favorite movies they are in.

1. Edward Norton - Fight Club, American History X, Keeping The Faith
2. John Cusack - Grosse Point Blank, High Fidelity, Say Anything
3. Johnny Depp - Sleepy Hollow, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Edward Scissorhands
4. Vince Vaughn - Swingers, Clay Pigeons, Psycho
5. Joaquin Phoenix - Gladiator, 8mm, Quills

These are 5 young actors, that in my opinion are probably the top 5 most talented young actors in hollywood and everytime one of these guys comes out with a movie i eagerly anticipate it.

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We had a very similar thread here a while back, yuou might like to check it out:

There's something about Joaqin Phoenix that sends my adrenalin levels soaring and makes me want to smash things! Sorry we don't see eye to eye, I don't much like the new contemporary actors, all the pretty boys of hollywood I prefer De Niro, Pacino, and Hoffman over them any's all in the therad
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1. Kevin Bacon
2. Bruce Campbell
3. Michael J. Fox
4. Arnold Schwarzenegger
5. Wesley Snipes
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Hhehehe OG, didn't know you liked ol' Bacon and Eggs?! Snipes is cool, so is Fox but too bad he isn't acting any more, I feel sorry for the guy! Christopher Reeve too!

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I noticed this is top 5 favorite and not top 5 best so....

1. Robert DeNiro
2. Jack Nicholson
3. Joe Pesci
4. Nick Cage
5. Claire Forlani (soooo cute!)

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Kevin Bacon is really cool. He's a great actor. Stir of Echoes is probably his best movie, but I love Hollow Man. I just think he's a cool guy.

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Good going Timing, nobody has mentioned her around here and she is one of the best looking actresses!! Especially in Meet Joe Black

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Didn't see it.
Since when is Claire Forlani an actor? She's an actress, I believe.

OK. I like:

Tom Hanks
Bruce Willis
Kevin Spacey
Russell Crowe
Hugh Grant

I've been surprised by Bruce Willis. I've really liked most of his movies. I think Hugh Grant is a great comedic actor.

I have a bunch of runner-ups. I really like the stuff these guys have done:

Jackie Chan
Steve Zahn
Jack Black
William H. Macy
Anthony Hopkins
Gary Oldman
Gary Sinise
John Malkovich
Kevin Kline
Brad Pitt
Edward Norton
Jim Lewis
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Top 4 actors of Pigsnie (including a dead one)

Anthony Hopkins - the man can do anything: he can be a butler (REMAINS OF THE DAY), a Shakespearean general (TITUS & OTHELLO), a charismatic psychopath (HANNIBAL, SOTL, MAGIC), the famous homosexual spy Guy Burgess (BLUNT, British TV), Hitler (THE BUNKER, he got an Emmy), Quasimodo, Captain Bligh (THE BOUNTY), C.S. Lewis (SHADOWLANDS), US presidents Nixon and John Adams (AMISTAD), Picasso, any number of doctors & scientists (Van Helsing in DRACULA and the doctor in THE ELEPHANT MAN) -- if he dyes his hair & loses a little weight, I am sure he can even play Gwyneth Paltrow.

Toshiro Mifune - dead now, but still my No. 2. Will anyone ever forget him in YOJIMBO (my favorite movie of all time), and THE SEVEN SAMURAI (my 2nd favorite movie of all time).
Plus he was great in RASHOMON and THRONE OF BLOOD ... what a coincidence that he & Kurosawa died in the same year. They are the greatest director/actor association in the movies, IMHO.

Gerard Depardieu - he's almost as versatile as Hopkins (he can play crude homosexuals, French kings, revolutionaries, hunchbacks) -- alas, I'd rate him higher if I only understood what he was saying.(I can't speak French but I can speak Japanese.) His role of a lifetime: CYRANO DE BERGERAC.

Jude Law - Not much of a resume yet, but I can feel his greatness pullulating like chili con carne. He was the best thing in RIPLEY and he acted rings around Ethan Hawke in GATTACA, even though he was in a wheelchair. Did fine work in WILDE & ExistenZ also. BEST YOUNG ACTOR today. BEST-LOOKING ACTOR today.

Pigsnie, Vicar of Fries!

i'd go with.....

Robert De Niro
Steve Buscemi
Gary Oldman
Tom Sizemore
Ed Norton

Edward Norton
Ben Stiller
William H. Macy
Delroy Lindo
Owen Wilson

And the more I think, the more people I could put on my list. There are too many actors I like to really narrow it down to a definitive list of five. People like Jack Black, Steve Zahn, George Clooney, Gary Oldman, Kevin Spacey, and so on and so on and so on.

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Hey Pigsnie, I like your taste!! Anthony Hopkins sure is one of the best actors of all time (not THE best, I don't think there is one)...

I never knew anyone else had even heard of Toshiro Mifune, let alone seen one of his movies?! I too loved the Seven Samurai and Rushomon, really good movies!! They inspired many remakes in Hollywood!

As for Depardieu, he is very very talented, I speak French so that's an added bonus!

Edward Norton proved his greatness in Primal Fear. His follow-up roles have only cemented that greatness.

My personal favorite of his (besides Primal Fear) is Rounders.

Thank you for the welcome, Mr.Commish & Zephyrus. Yeah, I just love Mifune ; I seem to like foreign & English actors a lot more, now that I think about it. Didn't mention an American actor in my Top 4, did I? Hmmmmm, Kevin Spacey's good, but he's in the Frustrated Everyman Pigeonhole, I'm afraid. He couldn't even play a convincing gay dilettante in GARDEN OF GOOD & EVIL. (And he's gay, for Gods sake!) Ah, wait ... there is one dude ...
Philip Seymour Hoffmann !!! Although he's still stuck with supporting parts, this fellow can act !!! After Jude Law, he was easily the best thing in TALENTED MR RIPLEY & FLAWLESS.

My No. 5: Philip Seymour Hoffmann.

PS. Zephyrus, you ever seen YOJIMBO? What a fabulous fabulous movie !!! Mifune's best & Kurosawa's only TRUE Comedy. (Even though there are a lot of arm-cuttings & such.) And if anyone on this forum has ever seen TAMPOPO, I swear I will stay on this forum forever.
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WHAT?! Spacey's gay?!?! I really had no idea...!

What a coincidence Pigsnie, my father is a Kurosawa lover as well, so I did get a chance to watch both movies about three or four years ago!! I gotta say that I loved them from what I remember, I'm a really big fan of foreign movies, Hollywood is just running out of ideas for giant Blockbusters!!

Hey, so does that mean you're sticking around?!

TAMPOPO is not a Kurosawa film, but it might as well be, in my book; it is pretty good& it is my All-Time Top 10. TAMPOPO is what is facetiously called a "noodle western," in which the suave Japanese cowboy hero rescues the female owner of a failing noodle restaurant by teaching her how to perfect her noodle recipe. Tampopo is the heroine's name (translated Dandelion).
Along the way, the relationship of food & sex is explored with gusto. And I do mean, FOOD AND SEX. I doubt if your dad would have let you watch this movie 4 years ago - you would have been too young. But you are a good age now; go rent it at your local BLOCKBUSTER and be amazed at what 2 adults can do with a raw egg. Hee hee. (Er, it's really not that super racy though.)

Yeth, Kevin Spacey is gay. It's an open secret in New York, where a tabloid ran a photo of Mr. American Beauty smooching with another male dudette in a local park. But such is Spacey's power & popularity that the national media chose not to run with the story. Personally, I have no problem with any actor or actress being gay or not; it just amuses me because he was so coy about it in ESQUIRE last year.

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Hmm, I'm probably thinking of another movie with a similar title, I doubt I've seen THAT one! Although it does sound interesting, but I don't think our blockbuster video store would have any of those movies, they are pretty rare...but ask for MI-2 and you'll get 50 copies!