Looking for an Antichrist movie (no, it's not Omen).


Long ago, I saw a movie about a little boy being accused of being Antichrist. by an older women and her cult. This post contains spoilers, since the end of the movie I'm refering to is revealed.

Near the beginning of the movie the boy and his mother encounters the previously mentioned older woman in a public place, possibly a store, where she at first appears polite. But then suddenly, right in front of his mother, the woman starts verbally attacking the boy. I think she also threatens to kill him, which is the initial intention.

A man is sent to protect the boy. I think he knew alot about the old woman's group and what they represented. He meets the old woman at her church. They have a peaceful enough discussion. Suddenly her hands starts to bleed, like Jesus' hands when he was nailed to the cross, and she calls it a sign. After this I think the movie became a chase-movie, much like The Terminator, but with less explotions.

And the boy had a dog. But I think the dog originally died, but for some reason later in the movie he has a dog that looks exactly alike, and I think the second dog was given the name Chewbacca.

In the last battle against the old woman the boy's mother is either killed or mortally injured. But the boy uses some strange, supernatural powers to save her. That's when the man who protects him, and the viewers, understands that the old woman was probably right all along. The protector ended up in a psychiatric hospital, I think. He tells his psychologist that the boy has to die, but the psychologist answers something in the way of him just having had a nasty experience. The boy turns up at the hospital at the end, where he uses his powers to kill his former protector.

I think this movie is from the late 80's - early 90's. I hope someone knows which movie this is...

I thought it was at the time too. Maybe someone here knows the answer...

After searching IMDB for results based on this name, I can't say I found anything that matches. There are 3 movies with that exact name, but they were all produced after 2000.

There's a movie named God, bless the child, which are prodused closer to the year of the movie I'm seeking, but judging by the description, that can't be right either. Other results with this title are either too new and/or titles of episodes from TV-series.

Still, thanks for the suggestion...

By the help,of another forum I have found the answer. The right answer should be Servants Of Twilight (1991).