Anyone seen the BoJack Horseman Xmas special?


Watched it earlier tonight and wasn't too keen on it tbh. Ive written a review if you guys wanna see, its at

what did you guys think?

It wasn't that good, I don't care about seeing "Horsing Around" episodes. I liked the idea behind it, that you watch a fake family on christmas, because you'd rather watch them than talk to your real family. But it wasn't that enjoyable to watch.
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Clever idea, moderately funny, but I agree that following the "show within a show" conceit the whole way made it worse than it probably otherwise would have been. That said, when I realized that's what they were doing, I thought it would turn out a lot worse than it did.

Still love Bojack and was glad to get another episode out of the blue.

I'm just going to use this as the general Bojack Horseman thread and say: still love this show. I'm halfway through season two, and it's still very good (though maybe slightly less consistently hilarious than the first season, so far).

Also just heard that it's been renewed for a third season. Wooohoooooo.

yeah season two was really great. i think i liked it better than season two, in the beginning at least. it didn't reach the highs of the last couple episodes of season one but it was more consistent overall.

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Season two wasn't as funny as the first, but it more than compensated for it by seriously expanding upon the dramatic aspects of the first season, which I honestly think was to the show's benefit. Definitely can't wait for season three now.
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