The Devils Ride (tv show)


The Devils ride for those who have never heard of it is a serious docume... oh my I can't keep that up, not even I believe it...

The Devils Ride is a drama that is on Discovery. It is produced by a company ran by Eric Bischoff (the man who ran and was in control of WCW back in the 90's) about two rival biker gangs in San Diago. The program follows two gangs;

The Laffing Devils & Sin (sinister) Mob

Here is a brief glimpse of this wonderful program (warning, there is a lot of bleeps cos we all know you are tough if you swear a lot):

The thing about this show is it is awful, it is fake, it's been proven but for some reason it's got me hooked! The third season aired in the US last night and I cannot wait for it to hit the UK shores.

Are there any other fans?
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