Karen Black R.I.P.


Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.

More sad news. Karen Black has died. She was especially great in the late 60s and the 70s. I'll probably add more later.

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That's weird. I just watched Nashville last night. I was literally on her IMDB page this morning, before I heard that she died. She was great in Nashville, even though I didn't like the movie.

Sad, sad news. I've watched so many of her films recently. She was fantastic in Five Easy Pieces, Nashville, and The Day of the Locust, as well as lesser seen fare like The Pyx - for which she also wrote and performed her own songs. R.I.P. Karen.


She was in two of my favorite films of all time (Five Easy Pieces and Nashville) and I'm sure I'll meet her again in some other films.

She's part of one of my favorite scenes in cinema history:

She perfectly portrayed the innocence, ignorance, naivety and adherence that may have been the straw that broke the camel's back for Jack's character, Robert.
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Like Cobpyth, I came to love her for her roles in Five Easy Pieces and Nashville. RIP.
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R I P Karen

Loved her in Trilogy of Terror

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Also Invaders From Mars, Nashville, 5 Easy Pieces

I was shocked to hear about the death of Karen Black. I have on more than one occasion made fun of her performance in AIRPORT 75, but if she hadn't done anything else, Black carved herself a place in entertainment history with her performance in TRILOGY OF TERROR. I actually thought she was pretty good in the 1974 version of THE GREAT GATSBY as Myrtle and in DAY OF THE LOCUST. Black was definitely a 70's cinema icon. RIP, Miss Black.

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Sad news, R.I.P

She was awesome as Mama Firefly

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