MoFo Fantasy Football 2013 - Draft Time and Settings


Okay, so we're nailing down the last couple of owners for the league, but we've already got 12 and it's largely a formality at this point. Yay!

Two big things to deal with: draft time, and scoring changes. The first is the important one:

We're shooting for one of these two days:
  • Sunday, August 11th, 1:30 PM
  • Sunday, August 18th, 1:30 PM
I'm leaning towards the latter, but I need to know ASAP who can do what. Feel free to express a preference, and hopefully a consensus emerges, but it's far more important to know whether or not either of them is an issue. So, if you can do both but prefer one, please say that.

So, for those who are new to the league, we play pretty normally, but with a few small tweaks: PPR, 6 points per passing TD, and -2 points for INTs.

I'd like to suggest that we move to half-PPR. Or rather, move back; that's what he had for the league's first season. I like PPR fine but it does have the tendency to take over games and overwhelm a lot of other choices, especially now as passing has become more prevalent. I think half-PPR is a little more balanced.

I'd also like to add one more bench spot and/or an IR spot, potentially.

Neither strikes me as a huge deal either way, but I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks.

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The 11th would be better for me, as I'll be leaving on the 19th for Paris and I'm assuming the day before will be a busy day of packing/getting ready. But I'll defer to the majority. If we do draft on the 18th, I'll make arrangements to be present or (worst case scenario) auto-draft.

Either date works for me.

As for doing away with 1 PPR I dont know. I suggested this in the past to differentiate the two leagues (PPR Jungle), but I do know PPR is alot more fun so MoFos probably would enjoy PPR more. Ill hold off my vote on that unless it becomes necessary.

11th works better for me. I will be on vaca the 18th. I still would maybe be able to squeeze in the draft if majority would rather the 18th.

I would prob prefer 1/2 PPR

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Get rid of the kicker!
Fine with me, but I've kind of just accepted that this will probably never happen. I made a few efforts to this effect and I remember there being resistance. Heck, I could've sworn you were one of the guys who wanted to keep them, even.

Nah, that wasn't me. That was the other guy. And whatever times you guys come up with is fine. I'm open to any date. Switching back to half point ppr is fine too.

Also if I had to decide, I'm ok with a 1/2 PPR too. It would provide some difference between the two leagues.

So, everyone so far is cool with half-PPR (and I'm guessing you guys don't mind the minor roster alterations), and everyone's cool with either the 11th OR 18th, with a few of you preferring the 11th. Cool. I wasn't expecting that level of consensus, but it's awesome to have.

Well, cool: everyone seems to be on board with pretty much everything. We're shooting for August 11th, half-PPR, and I added a bench spot. Woohoo.

Also, Dionne's in, and I just confirmed Dex (who was always likely but I hadn't heard from yet). So we're all locked in for 14 teams.

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Well, it's official: Dex and 7thson are all signed up, so we've got 14 teams again. Here they all are:
  • Mud Dogs (seanc)
  • Romoerotic Thoughts (jiraffejustin)
  • Legion of Boom (PW)
  • Beantown Champs (Piledriver/Pete)
  • 850 (7thson)
  • Baseball is Stupid (DexterRiley)
  • show me the money! (rauldc14)
  • RG3scompany (Adamantium18/Adam)
  • Team Zissou (Fiscal)
  • PlasticPads&IronMen (TONGO)
  • Wyld Stallyns (Sleezy)
  • Sookie's Suckers (LTIZZY)
  • Clockwork Angels (Sedai)
  • 11 Angry Men (Yoda)
That's 11 of 12 returning from last year, with two new players (seanc and jiraffejustin), and one previous owner (7thson) coming back from earlier seasons. Nice.

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