TV Movie about young girl/boy. Boy named Jack. Dies. Trees say "Jack" in the wind


Maybe around 1979. That's about all I can remember. I think the boy and girl were poor and lived in the woods. The girl is comforted by the sound of the wind in the trees because as the branches hit each other they make the sound of the boys name "Jack".

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This an American movie?
It reminds me of a toilet paper on the trees
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I assume so. I was a kid when I saw it in the US.

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it's not Paradise, 1982 ?
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Billy Jack in The Wind?
What is that? Googling and imdb reveal nothing.

You sure it was a TV movie, and not just playing on TV? Because that kinda sounds like Legend.
I'm not sure about anything. I remember very little about this. Could you point me to info on Legend?

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I doubt it is Legend, as some of the facts don't fit. Legend is one of my GF's favorite flicks, and I have seen both versions quite a few times. Also, if it was Legend, you would most certainly know it from this character alone:

Legend Info on IMDB
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it's not Paradise, 1982 ?
Doesn't look like it. Paradise characters have wrong names, imdb summary says they discover sex.

This movie was very innocent. Younger kids.