Emma Stone vs. Ellen Page


Emma Stone vs. Ellen Page
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Emma Stone
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Ellen Page
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I think they're both great and will be A-list actresses in the future. They have the same age, they both started young, they both have achieved recognition.
Who's your favorite?

I like Emma Stone especially in The Help.

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Both are great, Emma seems to have more fun and be a lot more natural in her roles. But Ellen has taken more chances, Hard Candy, Super. Plus, she's Canadian.

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Ellen Page... just prefer her as an actress and she's a bit more prettier too.
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Ellen Page... and she's a bit more prettier too.
You reckon! Stop playing pool mate, it clouds for judgement

Don't mind either but Stone is certainly a preference now that I noticed her "City Lights" facial expression in the last spiderman
just curious what you mean by that. haven't seen TASM

just curious what you mean by that. haven't seen TASM
Her facial acting has gotten very good is basically all I mean, to the point of reminded me of the beautiful woman from Chaplin's City Lights. To me it shows she's studying the, dare I say, real aspects of the job.

ahha, that makes sense now. I really liked Stone in The Help. But I think Page is a good actress as well and has just been in more better works.

I really like both Page and Stone. Like a few members have mentioned, Page has picked an excellent variety of films to work on and I am impressed with the majority of them, and she is known to look into independent films and accepts roles such as Beyond: Two Souls which uses her talent in a different way but brilliant all the same, so my vote goes with her. For now, at least. I hope that Stone is seen on screen more often in the future; the first film I watched her star in was Easy A, she made me laugh a lot and from then on I kept a look out for any upcoming films that she starred in, I have yet to be disappointed. Both have talent worth watching. And they are both great at being funny! That's always a bonus.

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As far as looks go than I would go for Emma Stone, but I am a huge fan of Hard Candy so I will have to go will Ellen Page, also liked her in Inception.

Theyre both amazing women, but id give the edge to Ellen Page. Just because it seems like she has more potential.