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I was looking through the movies on netflix last night and I came across Zombieland I noticed it had a 4 star rating which is high for this kind of film as the zombie horror movies on netflix tend to be rated around 3 stars
I decided to watch it and I’m glad I did.
Zombieland has everything you want from a Zombie movie it has ample gore and violence but it is contained within a well written story. Zombieland keeps its realism to a level that I like there was few moments where the characters in the film did anything that I wouldn’t do in that situation. Too often in these kinds of movies the characters decide something stupid like "lets split up" and end up paying for their choices. This was kept to a minimum in Zombieland which made it a more enjoyable experience for me.

Rating Good
4.5 stars
9 out of 10
Had everything you want from a Zombie horror without the extremely unrealistic moments. This allowed me to relate more to the Characters as I felt they acted close to what I would do in the same circumstances.
Some clever writhing and good acting is also hugely important in my rating and this film ticks all my boxes

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Existing thread for Zombieland.

While I'm here, I rated it
(haven't seen it in a while either so it might go down to
) Personally, it doesn't have everything I want in a zombie movie, but that's just my opinion.

If you wanna zombies - take it! Also that is comedy. You can watch it once. My opinion

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OMG OMG MY FAV MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, I just annoyed myself haha..... but truely..... well, you all know me by now.
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Good zom com. Everybody seemed to be having a fun time, Woody was great, the FX and direction were nicely done. Bill Murray was icing on the cake.
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Well, as realistic as a zombie film can get, at least.
There's not much realism in the ways Woody Harrelson's character deals with zombies, though. Apart from that, you may have a point.

I thought Zombieland was AWESOME! It was very well written and brought a great sense of humor to the zombie genre. I think it's a close second with Shawn of the Dead!

Great Set of rules and conceputality in the film, the rule-set made this film for me, on top of the allready adequate humor
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I totally agree that Zombieland is a good movie, but you said horror? In my opinion that is really far from being a horror film. I think it was made to make people laugh. It made me laugh so yep

Finished here. It's been fun.
Zombieland was indeed a very enjoyable film. It's entertaining,fast paced and alot of fun. Not to mention that amazing Bill Murray cameo.

its like movie "scary movie" just comedy no horror