The Birds Review

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I was surprised that this is the first time I have watched this movie from beginning to end. I have seen bits of it before, but only when channel surfing. I have always been a bit reluctant to watch it because of the age of the movie. I had heard alot of good things about this in the past, and how it was a classic, but I thought if I had watched it, it would have not aged well, and I would be let down. But I must bow my head, I was wrong. I wish I had watched this through from start to finish a long time ago because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The story starts in San Fransisco, with a chance meeting between the two main characters in a pet shop, which gives us a light introduction to the two main characters, Melanie Daniels and Mitch Brenner. The action swiftly moves to a small town called Bodega Bay. Once here, it soon becomes apparent that something is not quite right as bird attacks quickly start to take place, happeninig randomly and killing.

The movie cullminates at Mitch's house where all of the birds attack Mitch and Melanie, along with Mitchs' sister and Mother. The must barricade in and fight off the birds in their bid to escape alive.

The suspense built up during the movie is excellent and the randomness of the bird attacks are still slightly unnerving to this day. The slightly eerie atmosphere of the small town helps to build up the atmospere, and makes you feel slightly uncomfortable.

The effects for the birds themselves are also great for the tiime period, and I have know idea how they managed to get all those birds to work together, and stay in one place at the same time when they are getting ready to attack.

The final scene must have used hundreds of birds which was very surprising to see, but looked great on screen.

This movie is a timeless classic, that still makes you feel slightly uncomfortable by the end of the movie, and you definately look at birds differently from now on. The atmosphere thoughout the movie, to me, was very disturbing, and helped build suspense all the way through. This is why Alfred Hitchcock is a master at these types of films, and in my opinion one of his best.

This is definately worth watching whether your a fan of horror movies or not, it is excellent viewing.