TV shows about Alien Invasion


Just started watching The Invaders, I knew I was going to enjoy the show, but had no idea it would be so much fun.
Even though uptil now we've seen most of the Alien Invasion ideas done to death in films & tv shows, this one still manages to be enjoyable & not corny.

Share the Alien Invasion tv shows you'll enjoyed watching.

My faves are:

Dark Skies
Doctor Who
Twin Peaks

I also enjoyed Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict a bit.

I remember not liking Spielberg's Taken, Just saw the first episode. My opinion about it could be different now.

V was awesome. Proper low budget sci-fi that still had decent effects.

We're agreed about the remake too, it was pants.

Anyone remember the War Of The Worlds series? How bad was that?!?!?!