Jackass: The Movie


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Yes, you saw right, they are releasing a Jackass movie this summer with Johnny Knoxville starring. MTV is hoping Knoxville can accomplish what Green couldn't.
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I'll definately be there for it. Ya know, they actually started filming it about two weeks ago.

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Originally posted by spudracer
Yes, you saw right, they are releasing a Jackass movie this summer with Johnny Knoxville starring. MTV is hoping Knoxville can accomplish what Green couldn't.
How do you make a whole movie out of that show?

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I hate to sound really stupid, but I really want to see a JackAss movie. That show is hilarious. They should do an Osbournes movie next! "You're all F*cking mad!" I love it.
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There hoping it will accomplish what Green couldn't???
What didn't Tom accomplish besides an instant classic??

Jackass: The Movie?? "I'll buy that for a dollar".
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a jackass movie? hmm...i would think that the plot would be to pull off the biggest, most, "jackassed" move of all time i guess. might be good. my opinion is its make or brake time for MTV.

They should show more music video's and less shows.....it IS Music Television still isnt it? WTF is with real world? how is that music?
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I sense some bad mojo. I don't know what else they could possibly put on another movie considering MTV took the show 'Jackass' off of the movies CKY and CKY2K and even used alot of the footage from CKY on the first season of 'Jackass'.

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I just don't get how they can do a Jackass the movie, the whole point of Jackass is it's a bunch of canadians doing random ****, and it's filmed as it happens. Will Jackass be as funny when it's not spontanous and when it's pre-scripted. Will Johnny Knoxville still take it in the nuts after 87th take i think not.
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Will the movie blow chunks? Probably.

But Johnny Knoxville is still a trailer trash demi-god, and he'll take it in the nuts as many times as needed.
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that show is freakin hilarious. although i don't know they could make a movie about it. i know it will be a flop but i will be there to see it.
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This looks HILARIOUS.

You can also find an early review by clicking on this pretty link. Here's a quote:

Well, I just got back from seeing the first-ever screening of JACKASS THE MOVIE in Hollywood. First off, let me just say WOW. I donít remember the last time I was in a theater and laughed practically the entire time. I was either laughing or turning my head away in disgust. Before going to see it, realize this isnít the greatest thing of all time, rather an 80 minute shock-fest filled with a cast of characters that really know how to challenge the laugh-meter.
Call me crazy, but I really wanna see this flick. It looks delightfully stupid.

Pushed back to October i was actually looking forward to it.
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dude i tlooks hilarious. i will be first in line at that one.