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Seen a couple of spots for this on TV and some well-known directors/authors are saying this is a good movie.

Has Bill Paxton and Matthew Mahogany ( ), anyone else seen a spot for this?
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I've seen the trailer a couple of times. I admit, it looks pretty good to me. I've already got a guess as to how it'll end...but regardless, I think it'll be suspenseful and interesting. If the reviews are mostly solid, I might see it in theaters.

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me seen it, it looks good. they say it twists enough that you're surprised rather than able to predict the end ...
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I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
Yeah, one of the quotes on there was from James Cameron saying "it'll keep you guessing up until the last shot"

Sam Raimi said it's the most terrifying movie he's seen since The Shining.

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I saw the 'Anatomy of a Scene' profile of Frailty on The Sundance Channel a few weeks ago, and though it gave nothing of the plot away (a fairly low-key scene between McConaughey and Powers Booth in a car), it looked interesting. After working as an actor on Carl Franklin's One False Move, Raimi's A Simple Plan and even Adam Rifkin's The Dark Backward, Bill Paxton as first-time director should have a good sensibilty for this kind of dark material. I'm definitely going to give this one a shot.
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Ill see it, but i dont know if it will be a good movie. Lookd scary
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I've only seen the TV spots and am pretty excited about it... kind of odd that the only reviews they quote are from King, Raimi, and Cameron... no famous 'real' critics. It certainly has tons of potential though!

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kind of odd that the only reviews they quote are from King, Raimi, and Cameron... no famous 'real' critics.
I trust those guys more than critics!!!

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I want to see this movie... without my parents. They won't let me because they're too afraid that I'll get kidnapped or something. (I'm 13) By the way, is this rated "R", and for those of you who've seen this movie, is it good? Let me know
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This movie is pretty damn good. It's thought provoking and very sad, and although I'm still not sure if I approve of where it goes during the last act, I still strongly recommend it.
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I just saw this movie and it was darn good! Very original. I think Bill Paxton should have sweated more. Also, I didn't like the end. None of it was needed. Everything after the car stopped made me say wtf??

WARNING: "Frailty" spoilers below
Okay I know this shouldn't be judged like an Oscar contender but, Bill Paxton could have acted better in this movie. He seemed like a normal everyday guy. I think that was the point so we could see what motivated him but he should have at least sweated more. Also, I saw the end coming a mile away. I didn't like all the twists and turns at the end. I didn't need that, and what was the point of him being a Sheriff?