Whip It!


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I'll get a lot of flack for this....but I want to see it.
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It looks like something a couple of my teenage cousins will want to see...
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I will, of course, be seeing this. I've been waiting all year for it. Besides, I used to love watching Roller Derby on a Sunday afternoon.

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Im surprised at the fact this looks pretty good...
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I'm not a teenage girl, but I did enjoy this movie nonetheless. I tip my hat to Drew Barrymore for keeping the story small, personal and cute without being sickeningly so. I was hoping she wouldn't give in to Hollywood testosterone, and she didn't. Nice Job Drew.

Great casting as well. Ellen Page was in the 10-ring of her comfort zone, Marcie Gay Harden nailed it as her mom, and I loved Andrew Wilson as the nutty passionate coach and Jimmy Fallon as the Roller Derby MC. Also it's always nice to see Zoe Bell (she was the stuntwoman in Kill Bill among many other things).

My only problem is the "Goofball Dad" played by Daniel Stern. He did great, and I liked the character, but c'mon, another barely-capable, beer-slugging potato-head movie character named EARL? We GET it already!

Despite the initial eye-rolling, a nice little feel-good movie for me and the wife.
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No surprise here, but I love this film. Obviously no one believes me when I tell them that it's a good film (given my bias) and, I believe, it also stands up to repeated viewings. My biggest bugbear with the film is Landon Pigg, who plays Oliver. Not that he's terrible or anything, he just really annoys me.

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I can't say it enough. If there's not a thread in the proper forum (Reviews), create one. Nobody is going to be mad.

Having said that. I liked this movie, nothing memorable, but definitely worth repeat viewings.
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I enjoyed this film as well. My favorite character was probably Juliette Lewis as Iron Maven.

Obviously no one believes me when I tell them that it's a good film (given my bias)
I'll take a pretty easy guess here that you're a Drew fan? I am as well. Did you see Going the Distance? I finally got to see it about a month ago. So, it barely made it into my 2010 viewing. One of the best comedies of the year IMO.
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Yes, I'm a Drew fan.

No, I didn't make it to Going The Distance. It's released here at the end of the month, so I'll be seeing it then. Really looking forward to it.

As for Whip It. I loved Kristen Wiig as Maggie Mayhem. I thought Andrew Wilson was great as Razor (was this his fourth Drew film?)