Dancing ghosts in a ballroom



I'm switch and I'm new here.
I registered here cause I'm seeking help finding the name of a movie.

So, the movie I'm looking for is a fantasy horror movie of the gothic kind. I remember a group of people traveling with their car (a rather old one, so the movie must be set up in the 1920's to 1940's). Then it starts to rain heavily and they arrive at a castle or mansion where they are then going to spent the night.

The next thing I remember is a woman (probably from the travelers) waking up in the night and hearing noise. She then wanders around the castle following the noise and peeks into a room where ghost are dancing and celebrating in a large ballroom.

Having seen this as a child in the late seventies and regarding the scenery, costumes and colors (at least how I remember it) I assume the movie must have been made somehow between 1955 and 1975.
The "dancing ghosts"-special effects were very well made. Some sort of double exposure or so.

Well that's all I can remember. But those scenes spin around my head for over 25 years now . And I really want to get rid of this visual tinnitus

Thanks for your help

The only thing I can think of is The Canterville Ghost which was originally made in 1944 by Jules Dassin. Since then however it's been remade for TV about ten times.


Another more obvious choice would be Kubrick's The Shining, though from your description it sounds unlikely.

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The Haunting maybe? I'm not really sure. Just a guess.
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The beginning sounds like James Whale's The Old Dark House, but the dancing ghosts aren't there. You also make it sound like it's in color. For some reason, I'm connecting it to Disney, but nothing springs to mind yet.
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The first thing I thought of were the dancing ghosts in the Disneyland/Disneyworld attraction The Haunted Mansion.

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is what came to mind for me, but if you saw it in the Seventies, then it can't be right.
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