What is on TV in your home town/city during the early hours of the morning?

I only have regular TV (to cheap to get cable) and i noticed that on all of Australia's three main TV stations there are skin care infomercials on.

Jeez i might need to order some of this stuff - this Proactiv skin controll seems so amazing!!! There are all these teenagers talking about how their achne (or how ever you spell it) used to ruin their lives and how they had no self esteem and could never leave the house! And get this, a poor young women who had bad skin, was crying all day!!!! Then, get this, as soon as they tried this amazing Proactive skin care, HER FU$KING LIFE TURNED AROUND and SHE COULD LEAVE HER HOUSE AGAIN!!!! Thank fu&k for Proactiv!

Sorry about that, i got a bit carried away on all the bull ***** that is on during the early hours, any way is their anything half decent in the early hours were ever you live?
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