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Another Cinderella Story

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Without the "benefit" of seeing Cinderella Story, I decided I had to see Another Cinderella Story. I know what you are thinking, Why?

I was watching another DVD and the trailer for this one came on. What can I say, I'm a sucker for dance movies. The moves in the trailer were more than enough to intrigue me.

My girl said it was going to be horrible but agreed to watch it with much eye rolling going on.

To both of our surprise it wasn't a bad film. Of course you have to get past the baby doll breathless Disney Musical type of singers in the movie but once you do that, the movie works.

Jane Lynch, as the step mother / Madonna aging type, is her usual hilarious 100% character acting self. She really helped the movie along.

The dance movies were mostly tight and great to watch.

The two step sisters were the actresses in Ginger Snaps. They add a lot to the show, giving the goofy roles 100% as well.

The female lead looks like a very pretty but tiny 11 year old girl. She can dance though, or maybe that's a body double?

The male lead is likable as are the sidekicks. Of course the male lead looks about 20 years older the the female lead.

Guess what? I don't want to spoil anything but there is a happy ending! Shh! Don't tell.

I cant say this movie is a great disappointment because in fact, i didnt expect anything from it. The supporting roles, the two sisters and their mother, have successfully done their job: however clumsy and ugly the female lead (oh bad me i forgot her name though i watched it about a week ago) turned out to be, she still could shine as long as she was with them. But i have to admit that she is not ugly at all. And her moves were so graceful. I let it played repeatedly that hot tango dance in the ball night, wonder what was the tittle of the background music...
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I'm glad to hear it was an enjoyable movie. I definitely want to see it, will probably catch it on TV when it airs Jan. 18. I love Drew Seeley's voice. I'm also happy Jane Lynch is great, because I love her. She's in EVERYTHING.

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selena gomez is the only reason why i'd watched it.