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Clive Barker's Tortured Souls


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This is such great news! Clive Barker's gonna give the horror genre the kick in the *** it desperately needs!
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Though I'm not familiar with this particular story Barker is consistently a great read. I have enjoyed the films produced from his work as well... although the Hellraisers got a bit caried away after the first one. "Candyman" haunted me for a year. "Helllleeeennn I've come for you..." Gives me the heebie jeebies.

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oh hell yeah clive barker kicks ***!! one of my top 5 fav authors. you know, he's got another film in development that hasn't got off the ground yet, and the news of this came out earlier, in 2000? called American Horror. i was looking forward to it but no further news came out other than what I saw at

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Originally posted by thmilin:
American Horror. i was looking forward to it but no further news came out other than what I saw at
The jerks at New Line Cinema decided,in all their wisdom(Pffft! Yeah,right!),to drop the project. Instead,they invested their time and money on that joke of a horror film Bones.

By the the avatar!

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thanks (avatar) - love your quote! Catwoman goes along with my theme, I think.

Dropping American Horror - oh that's just evil. what morons! they get the chance to work WITH Clive Barker (as opposed to the Hellraiser's he wasn't a part of, and stuff like Lord of Illusions, which, I'm sorry, just plain sucked in movie form), and they DROP it? my god, what stupidity. i give up.

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I liked Lord of Illusions but it could've been better. I read somewhere that they made Clive edit alot of the material and,even with the director's cut,he wasn't satisfied with it.

Catwoman rules! I can't wait until I'm able to use a custom avatar!

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weell, I sorta feel it's a mix between story/editing and budget/director/cinematography. sometimes things look dry and ... lacking, and they're trying to tell this fantastical story, with all these amazing ... affects. it's like trying to make an Anne Rice movie without rich fabrics and exotic landscapes/lighting. it just falls short of the richeness of the story.

basically like if they'd made Lord of the Rings in any other way than they recently have - like, 5 years ago, with a director who didn't have what it takes, know what i mean?

Clive Barker, Anne Rice, LOTR - these are things featuring magic, the supernatural ... you need to make sure you HAVE the stuff to make it, not chop it up and serve it boiled in salt water rather than sauteed in lots of butter with onions, mushrooms, and white wine!

i thought you COULD have a custom avatar?

Naw, 50 posts is what it takes, I believe. I'll lower it if you guys really want me to, though. BTW, Miriam: check your PMs, if you have time.

Call me pessimistic, but I have a feeling that Tortured Souls: The Movie isn't going to be made. Just like American Horror was dropped, and Freddy Vs. Jason is in limbo, these big time horror films aren't the thing right now. Unless Queen of the Damned does something.... I'm not sure what that's really about, but I keep thinking that people will go just to see Aaliyah's final film. I can't argue with them there...

Clive Barker has said that he isn't into directing, just writing and screenwriting.... so I wonder who would direct the film. Plus, I imagine that the budget would be big.... those Tortured Souls are out of this universe.

I love Hellraiser though, and the cenobites.


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I've never read anything by Barker... but I've enjoyed some of the movies. I'm a pit peezed at Hollywood and the horror movies they've released in recent years... I've decided to look elsewhere for my entertainment, mainly Asia. I just ordered Ring, which I hear is amazing.

His writing is exquisite... I have several of his books, checked out many from the library... and never actually finished one. They're always too long, or too in depth. But, he's superb.... it shows that he really loves writing, since he's said that he writes every single day (and paints at night). He also writes the BEST erotic sex scenes... at least, it's the best for me.

Oh wait, I have fully read The Thief of Always and The Hellbound Heart (which became Hellraiser). "Thief" is more of a fantasy for teenagers, though. A very weird fantasy... nothing like Neverending Story.

I also recommend reading his short stories (Books of Blood series, In The Flesh, Inhuman Condition) as they are Barker's gruesome, bloody tales of horror.


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his writing is indeed exquisite but I'd argue his sex scenes ... esp between heterosexuals ... are rather dry. he tends to have an odd way of being both arousing and detached ... particularly in Imajica with the main female character. and Weaveworld. And Everland. ... but the homosexual stuff, in Imajica ... that was very beautiful.

I prefer, as you can see, his more fantastical books, the ones less bent on making horror the point. he's one of my all time faves.

As for QoftheD, it's not going to be scary. none of Anne Rice's stuff ever is. dark, debauched, sexy, inquisitive, curious ... but never scary.