Dog Day Afternoon

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This movie proves that Al Pachino is one of the best actors ever. If Pachino did not play his charicter right in this movie, the film would of sucked.

I realy enjoyed this movie. I normaly hate movies with more than two mintues of dialog, lol, but Dog Day Afternoon sucked me in to watching it.

I loved the fact that story line was very simple but the screen play or Pachino's acting kept the film alive, even if it was two people holding up a bank for two hours. Moments like when the pizza guy deliverd a pizza would normaly be looked upon as some thing not realy important or exiting but this movie made it look as if it was the other way round.

The story line seems boring on papper. "Two guys hold up a bank for two hours and nothing realy happens until they get taken to the air port" but even though that is what happens the movie is still some how intresting.

I have not heard much about this movie......but yes your review has surly given a clue about the movie...thanks

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Oh, yeah, that's a great movie. Really sad and shocking in the end.

I would not say this is Al Pacino's best movie considering the Godfather and Scarface but this is definitely another good performance and definitely worth seeing.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
If anyone hasn't watched it, you really should. Why not make it a double feature and watch the other "true-life" NYC Lumet/Pacino flick made at about the same time, Serpico?
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If anyone hasn't watched it, you really should. Why not make it a double feature and watch the other "true-life" NYC Lumet/Pacino flick made at about the same time, Serpico?
Or if you want a great lighthearted after dinner mint, make Dog Day Afternoon a double feature with the Bill Murray comedy Quick Change (1990), which also starts with a NYC bank robbery.

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Never heard of it... Hum... I may need to check it out...

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This is a really great movie, and is one of my favorite Pacino movies. I love how he's robbing a bank, yet he's such a nice guy that he has trouble being mean to people.

Truly an all-time classic!
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My review of this film:

A triumph for star and director, Dog Day Afternoon is the fact-based 1975 classic that should have won Oscars for Al Pacino and director Sidney Lumet who possessed one of the most impressive directorial resumes in the business.

Pacino plays Sonny, a bisexual criminal who decides to rob a Brooklyn bank in order to pay for his boyfriend's sex change operation. The robbery doesn't quite go as planned and the robbery turns into a hostage situation with Sonny, his partner (John Cazale), and nine bank employees as hostages.

Pacino is riveting throughout, whether Sonny is trying to take control of his hostages, dealing with the hostage negotiator (Charles Durning) or talking to the lover (Chris Sarandon) for whom he is doing this.

The film works because Pacino somehow manages to make Sonny so likable that you find yourself cheering him on from the moment he clumsily pulls that rifle out of the flower box. We know that what Sonny is doing is wrong, but Pacino makes that irrelevant.

The film received Oscar nominations for Best Picture, Director, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor (Sarandon), and screenplay adaptation. In another year, it might have won most of these awards, but the film collapsed at the Oscars that year under the One Flew Over the Cuckoo's sweep, but I'm still one of the few people who thinks Pacino should have won. Lumet's direction is electric and atmospheric, making you feel the sweat on this hot Brooklyn day and the intensity of what's going on and makes you cheer for someone who you really shouldn't be cheering for. 8/10