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Betrayed by their government and let down by the law, a renegade gang set out to right the wrongs of the world in Nick Love's OUTLAW.

Under the charge of war veteran Chrissy Bryant (Bean) and assisted by Lewis (Hoskins), a disheartened cop, this assortment of dejected individuals form a modern-day outlaw posse to avenge the criminal underworld and enforce their own brand of justice.

Gaining notoriety in their quest, the group, once disregarded by all, become public icons. It's only when their celebrity exceeds their success that the Outlaw legacy is destroyed.

A provocative, contemporary thriller, OUTLAW explores the roots of people's shattered lives and reveals what happens when victims of crime seek revenge by taking the law into their own hands.

Genre: Action / Adventure
UK release date: 09/03/2007
Starring: Sean Bean, Danny Dyer, Lennie James
Directed by: Nick Love

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CJ from Reggie Perrin.

oh, really looking forward to this. and is it just me, or is Sean Bean making more movies lately?

Unfortunately Bean has that bollocks American accent in most. Looking forward to this Football Factory was ok, loved The Business, hopefully Love will only get better. Plus Danny Dyer is great in everything i've seen in him.

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I like the story to this movie and I think it will be pretty good.
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Looks great, I love Sean Bean
Ain't no rocket scientists in the Fire Hall

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You know, in a manly man sort of way....... errrm

I like Sean Bean as an actor?

Sean Bean is the man! Can't knock him IMO

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I just watched "Outlaw" I really enjoyed it, it has Sean Bean and Danny Dyer init and basically it is about a war veteran coming home from Iraq and he discovers that his wife has a new man, and the Britain he left behind has turned in to a **** hole. With violence, pedos and gangs. He gets together a little group of guys who have had bad things happen to them and they inlist this bent copper who gives them the identitys of criminals. The crim's are all working for this scum bag who is on trial for Dealing. So the "Outlaws" go on a spree of violence themselves against the other gang.

There is a lot of violence in this and it involves fighting, iron bars, bats and guns. I really enjoyed it and think most people will also like it. I picked the copy up in Asda for £4.90 and its well worth a look for under a fiver!
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