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So, I went and saw the Charlies Angels today at the Twilight Matinee. I was expecting to not like it very much, but I went anyway because I had nothing better to do this afternoon.

I was plesantly surprised by the film. The plot is nothing to write home about, but it is well executed. There is a good balance of action, humor and camp. THe fight scenes were well shot (and executed "Matrix-style" which would seem to be a bad idea, but it mostly works well).

Even Crispin Glover being cast as a heavy in the film ended up being a right move. His character is actually fariyl cool.

At any rate, if I weren't too embarrassed to tell my friends that I went to see Charlie's Angels on the first day it opened, I'd recommend it to them. It was certainly worth the $4.25.

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Didn't see it.
I want to see it, but I've been too busy. It will probably be a couple of weeks before I can get around to it.
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Agreed. I didn't want to see it either, but I had no choice... my wife wanted to go.

It was pretty nice, even the fight scenes seemed fairly realistic (I'm a retired pro kickboxer). I really didn't see the need for the Angels to be more or less naked every 15 minutes, but hey, it wasn't MY idea to go...

You don't see the need for that? You're a man, right? :P

It's PG-13, so I figure it must be within reasonable limits. The idea is for guys to find it funny, cool, uh, stimulating, and just an all-around good time. I'll probably go see it with a friend in awhile - probably be better that way.

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I just got through seeing it, and I loved every minute. There were some things stolen from "The Matrix" and the first "Mission Impossible", and I thought some of the slo-mo sequences were a bit much. Otherwise, it was a hoot. Drew Barrymore is a total slut! I thought Tom Green was a little too into his "The Chad" character, but it is so him. My friend and I were debating about whether the weird guy with the cane sword was Crispin Glover or not...I'm glad it was, and glad he didn't actually speak.

I am running out to Borders tomorrow to get the soundtrack!!!


Heck, I just downloaded the main theme song by "Destiny's Child" on Napster - great song. Destiny's Child is pretty cool.

Still havn't seen it - but it sure sounds like a lot of fun. I'll have to go see it with some of my (male) friends.

I'm more likely to see "The Sixth Day" though.

Just saw the movie today. Special Effects and Tom Green was good but that is about all. I almost fell asleep in the movie. I didn't like this movie at all.
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Yes, I have to agree. "The Chad" was quite amusing!

I am now tempted to rent Road Trip. I doubt movie will be good but I am sure Tom Green will be.

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Why is everyone saying Tom Green is good??? I hate that man. His show started off funny. But then after like the fourth episode it just went downhill, fast. Now he's not funny at all. I don't know why. Oh wait yea I do! He's an idiot. I didn't find him funny at all in Road Trip. It almost caused me to completely not see that movie. I'm glad I did though. It is pretty funny. Except I hate his character in the movie.
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Well he is probably the reason the movie was funny.

I think he's a pretty funny guy, but yes, his act is a bit old. It's been virtually replaced on MTV by "Jackass" - a very funny show. The kind of show that you really wish you didn't find funny.

Want to know who is old? Jim Carrey. I am so sick of him. You guys should be complaining about him rather than Green.

Sorry - I like him. He's overdue for another really funny movie like Dumb & Dumber or Ace Ventura - but I'm convinced he's doing these other types of flicks on purpose. The guy isn't funny right now because he's only TRIED to be seriously funny in one recent movie, and it wasn't very well written.

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I don't mind Jim Carey. I think hes pretty funny though. I heard a while ago they were making a prequel to Dumb & Dumber. They should. But yea Jackass is freaking hilarious show. I think it is so much funnier than the Tom Green show. Naturally it has influenced my friends to wantt o film clips like that, and I've been involved in a few of them Their pretty funny actually. Their just for our own entertainment though.

A prequel would be hillarious - those two in high school together - I feel like laughing already!

My younger brother (14) totally loves Jackass. They have a new disclaimer up now: Please do not send us clips of you and your friends being jackasses - we don't even look at them anyway. - or something like that.

You know a bunch of people like us are slamming themselves into things and sending tapes in - isn't it sad? Funny, though.

Did you see the football player one in the drive-thru? Or the one with the tazer gun, and again with the tazer on the half-pipe?

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Yea I've read the disclaimer. I don't think we plan on sending the tapes in. We'll probably just upload them onto a website. No I didn't see the football player one, I did see the tazer one. Not sure if i saw the tazer and the half pipe though. My friend who is a big skater has all of the Jackass clips that will be in upcoming shows all on tape. The guys who are doing it are big skaters and my skater friend has them all on a skating video already. I have some things like that on a free style walking video, which I do alot.

A Dumb & Dumber prequel would be perfect right about now. I love that movie. I think its one of few comedies that I can watch repeatedly without getting bored of it.

I watched the show once and it was funny but a little sick, i guess they call it sick humor.

Well guess what? With Charlie's Angels approaching $100 million in ticket sales, a sequel is beginning to sprout.

The same thing happened with Meet the Parents - if a film totally kills, they make another.

I think the Charlie's Angels sequel will be profitable, but not as big as the first. I think the Meet the Parents sequel, however, will be pretty good - it seems like the type that would translate well.