Ripley's Believe it or Not


Is there any chance that this series (on TBS) will be put onto DVD anytime soon? I love that show, and would jump at the chance to buy a few seasons' worth.

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What an excellent idea! Maybe Laurie can suggest it to some people

I'll forward the suggestion. It would probably sell better if Dean Cain would get naked once in awhile. lol. I think I could die happy if that ever happened lol
No I'm not going to kiss you. Although you need kissing, badly. | New! Movie Fever Forums can only assume you have a Dean Cain "thing," so I'll spare us all and just pretend I didn't hear that. Didn't realize Laurie had a crush on Supaman.

When not being a hollwood hunk Dean Caine has a side job as a male dancer. For $150 he'll come to your house and do his thang. Believe it, or Not.