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Caliber 9 (1972)

This was a very cool Italian crime flick that I thought was a cross between Melville and grindhouse. A dude gets released from prison, but his problems are only beginning since his mob friends and the cops think he has $300,000 of stolen money stashed. The movie doesn't look or sound very refined, and that only adds to it's effectiveness. Excellent characters and action scenes.

Il Sorpasso - 9/10

Wow -- I needed this.. I went through the longest movie slump in years, even before I found out about a recent death.

When I saw your 5 stars, I thought I'd check it out, even though you didn't have your Top 10 picked (but I remember you having good taste).. The picture looked like a comedy, but when I saw "Drama-film/Drama" I thought I'd watch it. It's just that movies in the comedy genre are usually stupid, and never funny.

This movie is all about life, and it DOES have humor. I liked Bruno so much, too.

Thank you so much, Jeff!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it ,Matt !

I was completely blown away by it and the way it used lightheartedness to tackle some difficult questions regarding life and its transience. Such multi layered and profound film with great performances.

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Predator. Family bucket of popcorn.


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The Water Diviner (2014)

Pretty slow. Some poor casting choices. Effects were average. Movie had that made for TV or just a Canadian production feel to it. The story did not need to be told, not to me, anyway. I can't even think of one memorable scene. Still, a bit better than Noah.
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movies can be okay...
Really ? I found this to be unbelievably boring, pointless, and plotless, I'm failing to even remember what the film was about.
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You can't win an argument just by being right!

Another family size box of poppycock. Not as good as Predator but almost.

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Finished here. It's been fun.
The Ladies Man

Typical Jerry Lewis film at this point: cleverly staged and photographed, but completely unfunny. A few gags were amusing, but there were far too little laughs for me to consider it an above-average comedy.

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The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (1951)

I was hoping to see more of his desert exploits. It was a decent movie.

eXistenZ (1999) -

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To be fair, you have to have a fairly high IQ to understand MovieForums.com.

The Mummy (1999) - Stephen Sommers

- Brendan Fraser always been my #1 movie hero growing up. I've watch this movie a hundred times and it still THAT good every single time. Probably the most entertaining adventure ride of all-time for me with one of the most awesome storyline ever. I love every single scene and that's why I am not interested in the new reboot... No Brendan Fraser No Reboot. thats it thats all.
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You can't win an argument just by being right!
Will you let your kid see this at an early age?
Well our dogs watch it with us if that counts.

I'm not saying it's a family movie, by the way. I'm saying it's a super box of popcorn in my entertainment rating.