Hard Target (1993) vs. The Replacement Killers (1998).


I found both of these 1990s action movies similar. One is directed by Hong Kong action movie John Woo in his American debut, and the other is inspired by John Woo's Hong Kong style as an American movie but starring the same actor Woo worked with before.

But which do you think is better? I find myself leaning slightly towards Hard Target for action and plot, but The Replacement Killers does have a more empathetic situation perhaps. But I hate how they try to fool the audience with the sniper crosshairs and thought that was cheap.

But what do you think?

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Been years since I last saw these, I like Yancy Butler's eyes so I'll go with Hard Target..

Favorite Woo & Chow Yun Fat collab Hard Boiled:

Other John Woo favs are Face/Off and Red Cliff: