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Swiss Army Man is not exactly on the top of my watchlist, but I'd like to try it sometime. It looks so quirky and unique. I like Paul Dano as well.

Just saw Green Room. It didn't sneak up on me because I'd seen Blue Ruin and was ready for something really tightly made, and that's what I got. Liked it a little less than the latter film (latter in this post, not latter chronologically in actual time), but still excellent. I'm instantly interested in whatever this guy does going forward.

Now You See Me 2

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I loved the first film and my heart sank when you called this the most unnecessary sequel..I'm re-thinking even watching it now.

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I loved the first film and my heart sank when you called this the most unnecessary sequel..I'm re-thinking even watching it now.
It's not terrible, but I sat there thinking "why" for a lot of it.
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Suspect's Top Ten of 2016

1. Sing Street

This flick is just a feel good fun filled time and I enjoyed every minute of it. John Carney's third film which deals heavily with music, this one I think has the most heart. The music is great, I find myself singing the tunes days later. It's funny and sweet. A must watch.

2. Swiss Army Man

A unique and wild ride that has great depth despite juvenile humour. Radcliffe has never been better and he plays a dead corpse. Probably the best friendship put to screen this year. If you can get past the farting humour (they put a cork in it) then you'll be pleasantly surprised at what this film has to offer.

3. Green Room

A gruesome and relentless film that shocks and make you grab the edge of your seat. Patrick Stewart is terrifying as the calm and collected neo nazi leader looking to kill off some witnesses. It's punk rock vs skinheads to the death.

4. Hunt For The Wilderpeople

What We Do In The Shadows has to be one of the funniest films I've seen in a long time, so I had hopes that Waititi would be able to deliver a solid follow-up. He does so, in spades. This film is funny, heartfelt and just off-kilter enough to make you not know what to expect next.

5. Arrival

Villeneuve is on a roll and if he's not careful he might burnout soon. Thankfully he's still giving us top tier filmmaking and Arrival is something special. The man has masterful control and restraint and he's able to build tension with the smallest idea. Arrival is great sic/fi.

6. La La Land

The big movie of the year that people are expecting to sweep awards. It's a beautiful callback to the classic films of old Hollywood. I hate how suave and cool Gosling is. I adore how quirky and funny Stone is. La La Land is magical.

7. Hacksaw Ridge

Gibson is back and he lands with one hell of a war film. The blood and guts fly in this gruesome tale, but it did what few war films have done for me...made me fear going to war. A good performance from Garfield cements the film as one of the year's best.

8. Manchester By The Sea

What is a top ten list without a depressing look at life from a once happy man, who has had his world taken away from him. Manchester is slow, but the performances move the sorrowful story along and manage to pull out your heart, stomp on it and just when you think it's safe again, then kick it around some more.

9. The Edge of Seventeen

A surprise entry to me, a teenage comedy that doesn't resort to sex gags or topical humour. This is what a John Hughes film would be like if he were making films today. Steinfeld continues to turn in solid performances and works well off a veteran like Harrelson.

10. 10 Cloverfield Lane

A tense claustrophobic thriller with my favourite supporting performance of the year. John Goodman is utterly terrifying and that alone, made this film stick with me despite coming out early in the year. Debatable last act aside, this film delivers.

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Honourable Mentions:

Hell or High Water - Two brothers rob some banks for the family farm. They're not the smartest, but they get the job done. A No Country For Old Men vibe draws you in, the stellar performances and great cinematography keep you glued.

Hush/Don't Breathe - The horror sense duo!!! Both films took their creative ideas and made great tense filled flicks.

Deadpool - It's popular to hate on Deadpool these days, why? Who knows. It's funny, it's entertaining and it went against the grain.

The Nice Guys - This one just missed my list and could easily have taken the #10 spot. Funny, smart and great performances from the two leading men.

The Conjuring 2 - Just as good as the original and one I wanted desperately to throw on my list as well. Wan is THE horror guy know and I look forward to the rest of his film career with a big smile.

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Out of your top 10 I've seen 10 Cloverfield Lane, which I liked a lot, and Green Room, which disappointed me. I actually thought the latter wasn't shocking and had a lame villain. I seem to be in the minority.

I've seen all of your honorable mentions. I thought Deadpool and The Nice Guys were mediocre, while I enjoyed the rest of them to varying degrees.

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Pfft, I was hating on Deadpool since before it was cool. It's even gotten to the point where I'm starting to warm up to it (but still think it's too much of a mixed bag to be genuinely great, but I guess that's just me).

As for the main list...the only one I haven't seen yet is Manchester by the Sea. Otherwise, they ranges from "would make my own top 10" to "ehh it wasn't bad".
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, I’m thinking about you.

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Didn't like Green Room that much. I liked Wilderpeople and Deadpool. I think I'll watch 10 Cloverfield Lane, since it is not a sequel to Cloverfield and I really like Goodman. Haven't seen the rest.
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E. K. Hornbeck

We have quite a bit in common this year. Wilder People, La La Land, and Manchester are well entrenched in my top ten. Arrival just missed the cut. Nice Guys and Hell Or High Water from your honorables will make my ten as well. Hopefully I will see Hacksaw before finalizing my list. I can't bring myself to watch Swiss Army Man, but I guess I should, it just sounds so damn dumb. Cloverfield is the only one I saw and didn't care for. Thought I would love it and Goodman when hearing about. Nothing there for me though. No tension, intrigue, or even humor. I just couldn't care about it much.

Honourable Mentions:
Deadpool - It's popular to hate on Deadpool these days, why? Who knows. It's funny, it's entertaining and it went against the grain.

The Nice Guys - This one just missed my list and could easily have taken the #10 spot. Funny, smart and great performances from the two leading men.
Deadpool was amazing, I don't care what anyone says...liked The Nice Guys too, though it's a little sad to see that Russell Crowe has given up trying to look like a leading man.

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Suspect's Ten Worst Films of the Year

Well, you saw my top ten of the year, now here are the trash that I'm ashamed to have seen.

10. Money Monster

A lame attempt from use to be a draw of the crowd actors. No suspense or tension makes this so called thriller rather dull. If it were not for the cast involved, maybe it wouldn't have made this list. But these people should be a little embarrassed.

9. Grimsby

There is a scene where the two characters are covered in elephant semen, repeatedly. The humour is what one would expect from those involved, just not as funny.

8. The Boy

Dolls are creepy, so it had THAT going for it. It had to be a really bland horror film to ruin that. The Boy succeeds at this and then some.

7. The Boss

A chore to get through. Relies too heavily on the McCarthy comedy chops and she can be funny, just not in this one.

6. Mother's Day

Really really really bad. The second Robert's film to crack the list and it's worse on that hairstyle alone. This film should be higher, but the fact that one knows how terrible it would be before hand makes those films coming up next, even worse.

5. The Girl on the Train

Tame, generic and boring. Girl on the Train had the right ingredient to be a success story, instead it meanders in dullness from the start.

4. The Neon Demon

Arty farty. I get it, I really do. But no thanks.

3. The Forrest

Another horror film that had to be really bad to ruin the already good premise. Where are the scares?????? Not in this film.

2. Ghostbusters

Goes in so many wrong directions every chance it gets. The second McCarthy film to make the list. This was insulting, unfunny and forced.

1. Dirty Grandpa

Does the pic justify the spot? Efron plays his typical party boy self, DeNiro continues his sell-out phase of his career. Offensively bad.

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Dis-Honourable Mentions

Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice: Yes, this is an over-bloated mess. Laughable at times and mind numbing at others. It had potential to be something, but was just obnoxiously loud.

Suicide Squad: Seems no one at WB learned their lesson, Squad was a hot mess. Terrible villain, questionable story elements and weird fan service that becomes distracting. Squad was a disappointing misfire.

The Do-Over: A Sandler/Netflix comedy with Spade. Tries too hard to be funny, despite having some form of an actual story.

The Good Neighbor: Bad teens doing bad things to a lonely old man.

How To Be Single: How to be a bad movie.

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I think it's funny how the only two movies on your "worst" list I've seen are Neon Demon and Ghostbusters - and I liked both of them.

it's a little sad to see that Russell Crowe has given up trying to look like a leading man.
No, not really.