( My personal) 100 Top-Movies

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And here are *drumroll* my personal, irrational Top 10:

10. Independence Day

David Levinson actually was part of something special.
Perfect Blockbuster.

9. Once upon a time in the West

It can`t get more classic than this. Best Score ever!

8. Butterfly Effect

Most people prefer Donnie Darko. Not me. A cold sensation.

7. Fight Club

Feeling Caged?

6. Collateral

Get ready for the ride of your life!

5. Heat


4. Titanic

Nothing could ever come between them. Not even the Titanic. *sniff*

3. Terminator 2

The redefinition of action...

..with the best villian ever...

... and some other unforgetable protagonists and dialogs!

2. The Departed

Jack Nicholson is the devil himself...

...and DiCaprio and Damon are just two little rats on the run. Excellent timing, perfect cast, great plot, great score, massive action! I haven`t seen Godfather by now. But it will have a hard time to beat this masterpiece.

1. Matrix

I don`t even like my favorite movie...

... but it breaks every boundary...

... with tons of heavy, insane Action...

...and lots of philosophy. The two ridicolous sequels are not even in my Top 300. But this movie is almost the perfect, and this is why it`s on the top of my list.

I hope you like my list a bit. Maybe you use some suggestions for your next DVD-movie night. All information is supplied without guarantee.

Congrats on completing your list Soul. Even if I disagree with what you said, at least you've managed to crank one out which is more than I've managed to do.

Do see The Godfather though. Whether you like it more than The Departed or not is neither here nor there, but it's a great film.

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nice to see Fearless in there..a forgotten classic i must say...unfortunatelly it didnt make my top 100 ..although it was there about 7 or 8 years ago...

extremely interesting and varied list btw...

Interesting list, Soul. Bit of a mixed bag for me. On the one hand you have awesome flicks like Falling Down, Gladiator, The Matrix, Scream, City Of God, etc...but then you juxtapose them with Charlie Angels, The Beach, Blue Crush. Still, it was interesting checking it out. Well done.

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If this is your personal list, I can't wait to see your non-personal list!
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Thanks, folks. I know, that there are not so many sophisticated classics in my list. Maybe I will take pleasure in watching them, when I´m older. Maybe not. I guess different tastes keeps the world spinning.

Another interesting list, good to see your going with what you like and not with only 'good' movies.

Great list... ... I added you to the 'MoFo Member Top 100 Lists' thread...
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i love these movies
my favorite is number 2
and number 48

Interesting list Soul Some I love and some I don't

Nice also to see Fearless I saw that at a special preview in Sydney when it came out Peter Weir was there to talk to the audience after which was great
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Nice! Good stuff. FYI, that last pic you posted from The Matrix is from the second one so if its true that you can't stand the second two then you may or may not want to change it out. I don't care I like all three. Just thought I'd mention it.
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I don`t even like my favorite movie...
I'm having trouble figuring out this line here.
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Some really great titles there....and some crap.

But hey, I've got crap on my list too. Which is why every list that has a personal touch on it is good.
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Nice! Good stuff. FYI, that last pic you posted from The Matrix is from the second one so if its true that you can't stand the second two then you may or may not want to change it out. I don't care I like all three. Just thought I'd mention it.

You are right, but it`s cool. I will exchange it later, when I found a better one.

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I really enjoyed looking through your list mate its got some awesome movies in there nice one
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I'm having trouble figuring out this line here.
I'm confused here.
meaning??? explain Soul

Generally I like realistic movies, with underdog-protagonists, who are fighting against all odds. I don`t want to see some superior Kings of Cool, who defeats hundreds of oppponents without sweating. That´s not entertaining to me. At the end, Neo is even yawning, while he is finishing the programs. Plus: No one of the cast belongs to my inner circle of favorite actors. And: I am only moderatly enthusiastic about Kung-Fu movies, most of the score does not fit my taste, there is not much humour in it, and so on...

But the script is almost perfectly written and unites so many sources, styles, ideas and different levels, that the fact that it`s still fast and entertaining, could be described as a little miracle. The action (the camera movements, the FX, the bullet-Time, the fight-choreographies and the hard trained actors) puts the genre literally on a whole new level. The Wachowskis did, what James Cameron did before, when he was directing and producing Terminator 2 in the 90`s. They created the perfect split between art and entertainment, sophistication and explosive action. Matrix is a unique statement for whatever and a (bigger) part of the modern pop-culture. It´s a worthy number one. But it`s cold. I enjoy movies like Blue Crush, Independence Day, Keeping the Faith and Old School, because the make my feel better. You can`t compare a stroke of genius like Matrix to these movies. Does that make sense to you?