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Whats the best movie ending of all time?


my favorie are:
the ending of were spider-manfighting the green goblion
ninja turtles the end were they ewere fighting shereeed on the roff top.
the run down-the one were the rock picks up gun starts shooting every one
ghostbuster-the ending were they cross the streams to stop the ghosts.

I think i have mentioned a few on this but just remembered another. Its not even a good ending but it made me laugh. Ending of Jackass 2 when knoxville got hit by the battering ball.
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There is a lot of great endings to great films. But my favourite would have to be Electroma, I've never seen a movie finish so beautifully.

i think saw I is definitely the best haha. at the end where he stood up scared the **** out of me!

Piledriver.. these are all my favourites too...
One new to add to the list.. Momento.. Its a fantastic movie .. you cant predict the reality of the hero's mental condition till you reach the end. What say?

Vanishing Point
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
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Commando!!!! !

I'm not sure if I'd call it the "best movie ending of all time" but the finale to Diamonds are Forever is a personal favorite. Those two punks were messing with Bond throughout the entire movie and you just knew they were gonna get it, but you just didn't know how. And when justice finally finds them.. oh my.