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i ve always enjoyed movies of sean penn since his early outings, and this is one very good and atmospheric film, whether its the moody beginning or the whole premise, add to that a very nice soundtrack, mary stuart masterson is a childhood crush for me, and he here she looks sweet and innocent and always have this look innocence in her movies,
James Foley does his best work here, you might think it funny to call a film with muscle shirts amd as stylish as it is ,but this film has its own distinctive style as i said before.
christopher walken is fantastic here and he always is for me, in all his movies, Great story, powerful performances. All too real. Even a bit of a storybook ending doesn't tarnish this one aswell
The dialogue is just subtle enough to feel realistic. Although the movie moves along at a slow, deliberate pace, the plot still feels nice & tight.
i have to say i enjoyed this movie a lot and waiting to here opinions here.

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I also enjoyed At Close Range. Been watching it every few years. Feels like a sophisticated street b movie with some heavyweight acting. Interesting mix. Great tune by Madonna, too!

Love this move...Sean Penn has rarely been better (or looked better) and Christopher Walken has never been more bone-chilling onscreen. And I absolutely LOVE Madonna's love theme "Live to Tell"...possibly her finest vocal work.

Great re-watch, after 30+ years still holds up.
One of Penn & Walken's best performances, Mary Stuart Masterson
Soundtrack and theme song

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