22nd Hall of Fame


I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
I think you may be overrating Shine's chances there, Citizen, but I could be wrong! Only Miss Vicky really didn't like The Matrix so I'd say it's still in with a shot, and Mildred Pierce was moderately well received so that's got to be a second group-er. I think those bottom three were the least loved, certainly.

Thanks y'all.

That was also what I calculated my way to. There's so god damn many time zones I lose track of what's what.
I have no idea what time zone Raul's in. As far as I'm concerned there's only one time zone, mine

I used to use a website for converting time zones, but it was sometimes off during daylight savings time, which is a pretty long time to have an incorrect clock haha.

I'm sometimes suspicious of maps because they often don't include the island I live on.

I see a lot that don't include New Zealand also, so at least we're not the only island apparently sinking into the ocean!

I just noticed that the spelling of "General" is wrong but am not going to bother fixing it now haha.

I mean...raul isn't going to fix it, because he totally posted that.

This Raul-dude been nagging at us for MONTHS about getting them films watched AND reviewed and then turn in a list and everything has to be on time and bla bla bla and the dude canít even be on time himself... what a total douche. I mean seriously.

The thing isolated becomes incomprehensible
So who's hosting the 23rd? I got my nom picked out I just need to know who to send it to
Ya, also have my nom picked out, which will be the 4th consecutive win for me