Earliest Movies About Drug Addiction?


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Preminger's movie was exceedingly daring for 1955. In fact they evidently had trouble getting a seal from MPAA. Showing what a drug addict went through while kicking heroin was not seen before in that era.

I remember the film vividly from the theater. My baby sitter (a guy) took me to see it when at the time I was 11 years old! Obviously I didn't understand all of it, but I got the idea, and knew the performances were good. The film was certainly ground breaking for its time. I've seen it several times since, and I understood it much better...

Interesting story.. Was he a good babysitter?

Interesting story.. Was he a good babysitter?
Heh, heh. He was, although he wasn't much more than a juvenile delinquent himself. He was pretty broad minded though, and soon I had broads on my mind as well...