What fashion trend defines this era but will look stupid later?


If she had worded her post correctly and fairly she would've said: "What can’t happen too soon is people not using this word to describe women's fashion." See the difference? Maybe English isn't her first language?![/i]
I get your point, and maybe she could have worded it better, but by the same token, describing something as the “slut look” is probably something that could have been better phrased as well.
Describing an outfit as “the slut look” is, by extension, implying said woman looks like one.
Now, I don’t think that was his intention, but if we’re arguing her response was unfair, one could say his was as well.
Like I said though, whats the “slut look” exactly? Revealing too much skin? Too much makeup? Short skirts?
It differs from person to person I imagine.

You ready? You look ready.
Blonde hair. We’re going to look back on this decade and see photos with a sea of blonde mops. We will look back and say “they thought they were so cool but they looked like everyone else.”