MoFo Fantasy Football 2019 - Sign-Ups!


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I'm In!!! Sorry for the late post Yoda!!
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Okay, about to determine draft order! Doing it the same way I have the last few years: I make a list of all the teams (just in the order they're on the league site, since the starting order doesn't matter), and use to generate a number between 1-14. Whatever comes up, that's the team that gets the first pick. Then I remove them, generate a number between 1-13, and keep going until the whole order is determined.

Here we go.

Also, if we have to move the draft back an hour or two, would anyone object? As of right now it's August 25th at 4:30 ET, but I'm assuming the west coasters would prefer it slightly later and I might as well. Not sure if that poses an issue, if so lemme know.


Oy! I got boned out of first pick last season, and then got last pick in fantasy baseball, and now I got the second to last pick in fantasy football which is even worse than the last pick cause its THIRTEEN!

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