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"Luck don't live out here."

Has anyone watched Hulu's Looking for Alaska series? Besides the fact that they foreshadow a huge moment of the story in the first episode, I actually feel like this is one of the rare book adaptations where the adaptation is better than the book it's based on.The story is adapted from the book almost page for page with only a few changes. The soundtrack is killer, especially if you grew up in the early 2000s. And, for a YA focused story, they nailed the emotional impact of the second half of the story. This has to be one of the best teen drama shows released in a long time.

Score: 8.5/10
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I don’t read YA literature so presume I wouldn’t like a tv series based on the same. Could be wrong.
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"Luck don't live out here."
I donít read YA literature so presume I wouldnít like a tv series based on the same. Could be wrong.
Haha, I haven't read any YA since...early high school probably (that's around the time I read the book this series is based on). I still had a ball with it even though I'm almost 23 now. If a high school teen drama doesn't interest you in any way, though, then you are probably right about this one not being for you. I will say that it has more adult themes than most YA material, and the series is actually rated MA funnily enough.

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SpongeBob SquarePants - The Lost Mattress/Krabs Vs. Plankton

After Mr. Krabs complains about his bad back after sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward throw it out and give him a new one. To their surprise, he's not too happy about these news.

There are many great bits throughout. Patrick thinking long and hard about how many mattresses are at a place, clearly surrounded by thousands, and coming with 10 is a classic simple joke. Mr. Krabs revealing he doesn't know what a bank is when he yells at his employees (as well as Patrick) for losing his mattress is so profoundly absurd it's hysterical. When the trio is sent on a mission to retrieve the mattress, I like how Squidward tries to trick SpongeBob and Patrick into endangering themselves only for the monster to go after him instead. But best of all is the running gag at the hospital where the doctors constantly keep moving Mr. Krabs due to being an inconvenience in one way or another, finally pushing him over a hill. What makes it especially funny is the groan he utters every time.

Krabs Vs. Plankton is just as entertaining. This one gets overlooked compared to Lost Mattress, but I really love the story for it. It's easily one of Plankton's most clever schemes. The entire court scene is comedic gold from start to finish, with Plankton overexaggerating his (nonexistent) pain to every degree, and telling a phoney sob story. SpongeBob having an emotional reaction to it is great. Speaking of SpongeBob, it was a lot of fun seeing him act as a lawyer, and taking the job dead seriously at that. Even if it involves interrogating a mop. Once he finally manages to open the briefcase with incriminating evidence (which by the way has some quite rollicking visual humor) to use against Plankton, he's surprisingly sharp. He figures out right away if he just puts it close enough to him and talks about how juicy it is, Plankton will confess to just wanting the secret formula. SpongeBoy isn't as dumb as he looks.

This is one mattress you don't want to lose. And if you do, I'll take you to court over it.

New show on new Apple TV. Got 1st 2 episodes free & enjoyed them. MAY sign up for a free month on Apple in order to watch the next installments.

Reviews arenít terrific (though not bad), but I am rather enjoying it. First time Iíve ever enjoyed Jennifer Aniston in anything.

Typewriter Season 1 (2019)

A Netflix horror series from India. Quite light on horror (kinda like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark in that regard) and mixed with something like Enid Blyton's The Famous Five. Good characters (not very original though) but the story is little thin (and the ending left the door open for another season) and somewhat silly. Still quite pleasant way to kill few hours.


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The truth is in here
Happy Days - R.O.T.C.

After the initial squad leader is fired, Richie is put in charge of his ROTC group instead. He's not too thrilled with the opportunity, not knowing how to keep his men in check.

There are times where you feel bad for Richie, and then there are times where you feel *really* bad for Richie. You can feel his discomfort throughout the entire episode being in this position of power. It's hard enough to be a boss at all, even harder when those you're a boss of are your friends. Ron Howard gives a very outstanding performance here, portrayed Richie's conflict very well. When he's being too nice his friends take advantage of him, when he's being too harsh they make mutiny. Hell, even Fonzie turns away from him when he reveals he felt forced to report his friends when they didn't shape up.

This all makes it sound like a rather dramatic affair, but there is still lots of comedy to lighten it up. Marion cheekily poking fun at Howard for his weight, Fonzie getting the waitress to correct his order only to realize there's still not enough ice in the drink, not to mention the wildly absurd nightmare Richie has. This is one of the weirdest scenes I've seen in a Happy Days episode, but feels completely line with his guilt-stricken Richie is when he feels mentally tortured by his decisions. The funniest part is when everyone transforms into a judge giving him a sentence, even Richie himself.
Howard tells his son to make the men love him while the commander who gave Richie the job told him to make them hate him. Howard's reaction when the commander says "they hate him" (assuming that's what made them listen to him) is priceless.

The scenes of Richie getting ridiculed by then alienated his friends are very hard to watch, but they do gain his sympathy in the end when they realize how heavy the weight has been on his shoulders. He successfully leads his squad in the end (at least until they hit the sprinkler system and are soaked in water), just being good ol' himself instead.

When Richie quits as commander and it gets handed over to Potsie instead, he and Ralph seem to give him the same kind of treatment, though Potsie's smile indicates that he knows it's tongue-in-cheek this time.

Howard gives a good lesson near the end where he says it doesn't matter if you're a perfect leader or not, just as long as you give it your best.

(Obligatory mention of @Citizen Rules)

that's poetry. we'll do that when all else fails.

Shane Meadows - 2010

This first part starts and ends magnificently, we start with a glimpse of what happened after the end of the movie in 2006, the end, well, Shane Meadows and Mike Leigh are among my favorite British directors, they film the people, that's there interest, and mine as well, and if you're filming the people you have to film everything that comes with it. There is a scene that is terrified and magnificent at the same time, this scene is the kind of scene that is not shown on television very often, because it's real, is possible, it happens, sadly more and more, and we can't possibly understand it if we're not in it, and Shane managed to make us understand what could possibly be like, being in such a f*cked up situation, being the victim of a sexual predator, how he talks, how he makes you comfortable before the act. I was speechless after that scene, then I showed it to my sister. Yeah, I did. She should know.

Shane Meadows - 2011

This second part starts with dealing with decisions made in the past, the difficulties of a young women being single mother, the past ghost hunting you, while the rest of the cast is trying to adapt to the system, an education, a career. Is also a magnificent season, it shows those you can actually count on, that are there, even if you don't want them there. Just when the adversities arrive, when you have no one except yourself, you are able to lift that curtain and see them, they were there all along, even when you turned them away. Is really the season about dealing with past "mistakes", how every single character have to deal with a situation they should have being probably avoided, and how tragedy, makes them forget there egos and unites people together.

Shane Meadows - 2015

The drama quality of this last season is incredible and I think all the actors managed to show there potential. This third season starts with the cast all settled, working regular jobs, raising there kids, and the youngsters in new movements, the American pop-culture, sub-culture "invasion" and the raves. I'm trying to write without giving any spoilers, since it's the last season, all goes around endings, what I can say about endings is: the past transgressions always comes to hunt you when you think you're life is on the right track, and since this is, I think, a dramatic series about working-industrial, low class Great Britain, that's the ending we could anticipate, and it's a great ending, raw, cliche free. There's two scenes that are memorable: the family reunion around the table is one, or the greastest acting moment in all the three series, is also a great in terms of psychological study, and the comeback of an old friend, Combo, is without any questions, personally, one of the greatest dramatic scenes I've ever saw in a TV show, probably the best, that scene alone might make you wanna watch this series.

Glad you enjoyed them so much, @JoaoRodrigues. They're wonderfully powerful and it always pleases me to see that someone else has discovered them.
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Finished season 2 of this amusing show. 25 minute sliders that slip down the throat very easily.

WWII documentary ďrevitalizedĒ in color from Netflix. Was going to watch a few episodes, but surprised myself by watching the entire thing. Very interesting.

Fascinating documentary on the so-called Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise in CA. Cannot imagine trying to escape from a wildfire only to return to a burned-down home.

Did not like the guy who said there was no time to take his cats with him. Good luck having that on your conscience.

Just finished watching the first 7 episodes of season 10 of The Walking Dead. Believe it or not this show has gotten good again, consistently so.

Now watching the first episode of The Mandalorian and it's even better, Star Wars has gotten its swag back again.

Watched over the last few weeks:

Series 1 of

Series 1 and 2 of:

for series 1 and
for series 2

Also One Mississippi series 1 and 2, both

Series 2 of

For some reason I wanted something amusing & mindless to watch. Stumbled upon 90 Day Fiancť & am binge-watching this. Just finished season 2 & itís amazing what these people put themselves through either for an American visa or to marry someone they met abroad.

Midnight Sun (2016)

Watched this a while ago but forgot to write about it. Nordic Noir with lots of French influences (it's Swedish-French co-production so it makes sense). Very mediocre for what it is. It has some good stuff but it vastly overplays its racism card (up to a point where it becomes ridiculous); besides that, the story is OK but a bit predictable after a few episodes.

People are wildly ecstatic about this show. I couldnít even finish the pilot. Dreadful.

Started the new Dracula on Netflix. I watched about half an episode and couldn't find anything good so I stopped. Its production values, looks, writing, and practically everything seemed abysmally bad.