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Maybe they consider abnormalities to every single entity that doesn't follow the rules of fullfills its objective; "human" or not "human".

random thought/theory:
Have you ever consider that whole thing its a huge online game, with real actual humans just having fun figthing some really awsone AI?

I stick to the idea that world hast'n being destroyed and it's a huge amaizing/realistic simulation with one single objective, AI refinement.

Or a simulation to predict what could happend if AI figths againts the humans, I don't know...

Later !!!

hello out there.
let me start off by saying that i liked this movie.i liked the fight scenes.liked the car scene.hated the rave.hated that roy jones jr. was in the over all alright movie.ill buy the dvd to watch over and over like i have with the first...also one more thing that i didnt like..they gave all the other people in the movie damn near the same powers as neo which i think sucked looked like anybody could hold their own with an agent..just my opinion..and you know what they say about opinions lol..later all

Trinity was getting her ass handed to her by the agent in the opening and closing scene before she "died". Morpheus was also getting beaten to a pulp by the agent in the chase scene. Other than that, it was Neo doing all the dirty work.
And noone used any powers that Neo would use. You may need to see it again, but thats not a bad thing!

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But both of them were fighthing agents, before everybody ran; the only one that fought an agent on the first movie was morpheus, and was to distract him and get Neo out.

I'm not saying that they can do what Neo cans, but they see more confident now.

Also with the twins they tried to fight against them but at the end they ran off.

yea, but see morpheus had to fight the agent because he had to protect the keymaker. And trinity had no choice but to fight because she ran into the agent and really had nowhere to go until he threw her through a wall (i think).

Dis any one else see the "Matrix" as a metaphor for capitalism. I dont know if the Wachovskis are socialist or not, but the whole matrix has you trapped, slave to the system, rage against the machine in the closing credits of both films. Also in the first film when Morpheous is saying to Neo "the matrix is a veil used to blind you from the truth" "What truth" could apply to the whole media thing that there's only 6 media companys in the world owning all the newspapers so everything is censored to some degree. The Matrix could also be a very extreme version of globalization. Any one else see capitalism in the matrix?
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I see the relations on the plot more related to myths and religion, than to capitalism.

Let's see they got a USD 300M budget, they signed a huge contract for the games as well; they will get a % from profits beyond the amount of the budget, they don't seem to be acting like socialists, they look pretty capitalist to me

wow, a woman who liked it for the action parts, whoa!
That's cliche of you... I'm a teenage girl who loved the action parts, doesn't mind blood as long as it's not pointless, and does not rave over male actors (now that's unstereotypical ), but mostly I loved the movie for certain pieces that seemed to make it more human than the first: the scene with the Oracle, the bit with Trinity falling, some of the scene with the Merovingian, most certainly the scene with the architect, and a few others. As for fighting, I thought that the car chase scene was great though a bit drawn out, the one where Neo was fighting Seraph was amazing too (as the guy who plays Seraph really does know martial arts, and was even more realistic), and the twins were more real seeming than I thought they would be, but the part where he's fighting all of the Smiths is pretty much pointless, at least till he pulls the pole out of the ground. Overall, I liked the Matrix Reloaded some more than The Matrix, but the first one still suffers many rerounds in my DVD player...

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it was actually a compliment considering most women like dramas and other such flicks. sorry if that is stereotypical, but isnt it the truth?
i wont let it happen again.

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Alright, haven't read everything everyone's written i'm afraid - but i thought it was a shame some people belittled some of the "philosophising" in the film (although hell, we need the closure of the last film to decide if any of it really makes any sense).

I thought the brothers' attempt to bring pertinant ideas into the mainstream via kick-ass action was highly respectable - even if they've upped the ante in this one to the point that everone in the cinema where i was was stunned into "what-the-f***-was-that-about" silence. (whereas the first had analogies everyone could get their teeth into - simple and compact while still allowing for multiple interpretations. I go with the idea that the matrix does stand in some ways for control via the information-control of the powerful [i.e. capitalism et al to an extent], as well as an analogy for maya or whatever that "veil of illusion" idea is called - is it in Hindu beliefs or Buddist - I've forgotten everything it seems)

Anyway - i thought the best bits were:

-The "We're-dependant-on-technology-now" speech in Zion (so let's balance up the good and the bad of the modern[ising] world. Just as they later counsel balancing up the good and the bad in human nature -suggested possibly by the Oracle i think, amongst others - french bloke perhaps represent the over-comforting of the ego seen in Siddartha's second phase i.e. the life of the buddha etc),

-The intriguing "rebellions" of old programs - and Smith's mutation (uncontrolled/expected by the Architect)- and indeed the Architects spiel about a consistant system needing an anomaly (which itself can be predicted - but prediction theory's only as good as your "waveform" - anything outside your knowledge is going to skew your guess. Smith seems to represent this)

So basically, i take the main message to be - both our own natures plus technology giving us the power to extend the reach of both our best and worst potentials are things we desperately need to address in the modern world.

As a "for instance" you might want to look at what the good people at the Institute of Science in Society are trying to do about the highly dubious practice of genetic manipulation in our food supplies.

Sorry that was so long - keep on "fighting" (tho perhaps not in those skin-tight pants. They might cause static build up

dont know about that last post, but...

for anyone who is a nut about the matrix, you need to see the animatrix. alot of it is just background info on the matrix universe, but a couple episodes actually explain very much about the matrix reloaded.

remember the kid that's always bugging neo and trinity? 1 episdoe explains where he came from and another episode bridges the gap between the matrix and the matrix reloaded.

two thumbs up!

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I just saw the Matrix Reloaded and my review of it can be encapsulated in the following word: "Wh . . . ????!!!"

Seriously, though, it had it's moments and was entertaining in its way--great action sequences and nice touches of humor and intrigue. But the philosophizing went way over the top, in my opinion. I went in looking for some mindless entertainment and ended up coming out feeling as if I had sat through a 2 hour Philosophy lecture (with some action and adventure thrown in for good measure)! Anyway, it was fun, in its way!

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Originally posted by Fish of Tuna
"What truth" could apply to the whole media thing that there's only 6 media companys in the world owning all the newspapers so everything is censored to some degree. The Matrix could also be a very extreme version of globalization. Any one else see capitalism in the matrix?
if the 6 companies story is true (and it might be) AND if matrix reffers to them how come the film actually reached the cinemas?! don't you think that they would have censored it? and maybe rage against the machine was chosen for their name... rage against the machine.

Da captitalism thing is a very loose theory, and da censorship thing gets overriden by the fact the film is makin shizzle loads of money. and why would Rupert Murdoch give a fcuk about sum sci-fi-action film any hoo im sure hes got better things to do wit his time/yatch/private jets/evil empire...

I absolutely loved The Matrix Reloaded!

I finally saw it today and it's a hit. I understand all it's trying to do because I see all the Gnosticism in it and that's something I happen to study. I loved the "rave" scene, as you put it -- I didn't think of it as a rave. It looked more like a Pagan type festival - loved it, loved it, loved it. This movie is fabulous. I think it's far superior than the first Matrix.

However, it had a sucky ending... I do not like the last thing we see in the flick. The big CLIFFHANGER. The idea is good.... what they did with it is not.

This is a must-see movie. And that's all I'll say now.

thats the point of a cliffhanger. makes you wanting more and more...

Originally posted by catyears
thats the point of a cliffhanger. makes you wanting more and more...
No, that's not the point! Can't believe you thought that. The cliffhanger sucked. The cliffhanger almost ruined the movie for me. I mean, the way it was done, it should have made me gasp. But the whole setting up of the cliffhanger.... and the person involved.... was horrible. Absolutely un-shocking. As Holden said earlier, there was no "envelope for part three". To me, it's the movie's biggest flaw. They used the preview for part three at the end of the credits (which I didn't stay for) as that envelope. Shame.

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Originally posted by Sexy Celebrity
They used the preview for part three at the end of the credits (which I didn't stay for) as that envelope. Shame.
And that preview was a 1 minute joke!
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