Christopher Gans' "Centralia" (a.k.a. Silent Hill)


Director Christopher Gans' Silent Hill game adaptation, which is entitled "Centralia" is really starting to move along. The crew is already preparing an old area of where they're filming and turning it strictly into a ghost town.

Here are photos of the town of Silent Hill for the film "Centralia" :


And this is my BOOMstick!
I really wishe they based the movie around the second game.
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And this is my BOOMstick!
Judging by the storyline it's the first.

Yhis is wild stuff to see I'm a 34 year old Dad of six and I have played all of the Silent Hill games Except for "4 The Room". and I live about a 10 minute drive from where they are filming "Centralia". My wife drives past the filming site every day to go to work. I have never been this close to the "ACTION". its pretty cool. Looking at the pics I recognize every landmark in the pics

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Originally Posted by Nitzer
I really wishe they based the movie around the second game.

I thought I read on IGN that Gans and the other writer (sorry I forget his name) said that is was not based entirely on one game, but was mostly enspired(sp?) by the second. It is the only one that really stands alone.
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does anyone know who is going to be in this movie

I like how the movie theater is playing both Omega Man and The Last Man on Earth.