Movie scenes with faces against a window/glass



In The Hustler (1961), when they famously break "Fast Eddie's" thumbs, he is dragged into a back room, and we see his face pressed up against the dirty paned glass window while they do it.

I think Witness has a scene where a perp from the bar is pushed against the window of the cop car so the kid can ID him.

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Already have a few thnx to you ppl, if one scene randomly comes up in your head, plz share
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The wedding scene from the Graduate maybe. If that flies then the Wayne's World 2 parody of that scene works too.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has Wonka walking into his glass elevator twice.

Suspiria: First death is a woman getting her face repeatedly smashed against a window.

102 Dalmatians: At the end of the movie Cruella deVil gets turn into a cake and smashes against a window pane.

Dennis The Menace: In the credits of the movie, the villainess gets her tie stuck in the copymachine, and it ends up the copymachine making copies of her face on the glass.

Spy Kids: When the dad tries to jump on the other side of the floor, only to fall flat against a glass plate.

If I remember more I will let you know.