Hey guys!

I watched a movie, but i can't remember the title anymore! I hope that someone can recognize this.

I think it was a bollywood movie. There was a guy, he was very rich and then he mets a cute girl. He lies to her about his job, and the girl lies to him that she knows that rich guy. (obviously they know each other) Then some guys tried to kill a the girl. (I cant remember why) She fled into a train, luckily there are some guys from the army that protected her.

The girl then arrives home and the guys who tried to kill her are also there, they eventually killed her, although she had time to call that rich guy.

He arrives too late and the girl dies in his arms. Without even knowing that He was the rich guy, the girl has lied about meeting.

The guy plans revenge, to kill the guys who killed the girl, and he excersises and becomes Very strong.

Thats it, I'm sorry about the weird story-line this is all I know. I hope someone can recognize something of this chaos haha.
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