Peter Fonda dies at age 79


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I liked Peter Fonda and seen him interviewed on several occasions. He always seemed like a pretty laid back, cool dude to me. I've seen him on film too of course, Easy Rider being his most famous role. My favorite movies with Peter are Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974)
Race with the Devil (1975) with his good friend Warren Oates and the arthouse western he directed The Hired Hand (1971) also with Warren Oates and Verna Bloom in one of her best roles. My review: The Hired Hand

Keep on Truckin' Peter

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This has received no attention. I usually just click on to see the front page (to see what is emphasized), and on the headline screen, they mentioned the death of someone I never heard of (author maybe) but no side mention of Fonda.

I did like Race with the Devil and The Hired Hand. I'm embarrassed to admit I have never seen Easy Rider...will definitely have to add it to my watchlist now. Can't believe Jane outlived him. RIP.