Avatar 2: The Way of Water


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Normally I wouldn't condone leaving something that horrible in the ocean but if it keeps it out of theaters then I'm all for it.
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"""" Hulk Smashhhh."""
The first movie was incredible so ime really looking forward to this.
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Cameron is expected to start shooting next year, and is looking at Christmas 2017 for a release date.

I think he's after competing with Star Wars 8, and is copying the Christmas Blockbuster idea from Star Wars 7.

What do you guys think of them making a 2nd one? I watch tons of movies and avatar is one of my favs!

what do you guys think? like maybe a civil war or something?
I was baffled by this movie before I ever saw it.

Someone told me the plot had to do with something called "Unobtainium". I burst out laughing because he said it with such a straight face and then I realized he wasn't joking.

"Oh. Wait, seriously? They called it 'unobtainium'? Isn't that basically the same as having a villain called 'Death McKills' or a giant spaceship called 'The Compensator'?"

I eventually did see Avatar and found that the complete absence of unobtainium did not redeem the movie's remaining faults.

Then I realized I'd made a mistake and saw the REAL Avatar people were talking about.

Did I watch the right movie this time? There were a lot of blue people with ethernet cords for hair.

James Cameronís ĎAvatar 2í Debuts Visually Dazzling Footage at CinemaCon, Gets Official Title

CinemaCon attendees were given 3D glasses to watch the minutes-long trailer, which contained almost no dialogue. Instead, exhibitors were immersed into different regions across the dazzling world of Pandora through sweeping visuals of the planetís crystal blue oceans and lakes. The footage also shows the local tribe of Naívi interacting with various species resembling whales and pelicans, some of which flew through the screen and into audience memberís faces thanks to the three-dimensional technology.

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It's no "Attack of the Clones."

I forgot that this franchise existed. Cameron is making a pretty big ask here. There is no giant fandom awaiting this like "The Winds of Winter."

Here I thought we had finally killed 3D. The televisions, the movies that occupy the IMAX theater, all the stuff consumers have shown they donít want.

When we start watching movies in VR it might work, but you canít whisper to the person next to you and share the experience.

HOnestly, Cameron has a knack for sequels, so I'm not gonna say this'll be brilliant (e's gonna have to beat The Abyss for that), but I'm guessing it'll be better than the first.

ᱬWanda Maximoff-Scarlet WitchᱬElizabeth Olesnᱬ
Its not like they called it The Shape of Water or somethin.
the shape of water reminds me of bioshock video game
https://youtu.be/M-7QBR6hugc Wanda Maximoff-Scarlet Witch -Elizabeth Olsen
https://youtu.be/78oLEoy5Npo Natasha Romanoff-Black Widow-Scarlett Johansson
https://youtu.be/0LXhnd-CMrQ Agatha Harkness-Kathryn Hahn
https://youtu.be/4E880wNeB2g Yelena Belova-
Florence Pugh
https://youtu.be/V8BhIsWTGUI Clint Barton-Hawkeye-Jeremy Renner
https://youtu.be/Zy66zOMkGsM Loki Lufeyson-Tom Hiddleston

the shape of water reminds me of bioshock video game
it reminds me of a lackluster movie

I dont know what jaded nonsense could be said about this upcoming blockbuster, but after seeing the preview in 3D when watching Doctor Strange 2 last night, I think it will be one of the most beautiful visual works of art ever produced. The 3D and budget will give it the unfair advantage, but we will be the ones to enjoy it thoroughly if we allow it to.